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Zales Vs Kay Jewelers: Which Is Better? (2024 Comparison)

Looking to know which is better between Zales Vs Kay Jewelers?

You’re at the right place!

This is our comparison of the Zales Vs Kay Jewelers.

In this article, I have reviewed both brands in-depth and will fully explain to you which one is better.

Let’s get started with an in-depth look at what sets these brands apart.

1) History


Zales is owned by Signet Jewelers, same like Kay.Zales is one of the top jewelry brands available today, having been founded in Wichita Falls, Texas, in 1924 by Morris, William, and Ben Lipshy. When combined with their strong and outstanding customer service and committed workforce, the business was able to grow quickly, and by 1941 it had at least 12 locations throughout Texas and Oklahoma. And starting in the 1950s, they were the first to open jewelry stores in malls and later shopping centers.In order to focus on growing its online business, Zales started shutting many of its mall locations in 2017. Despite this, the company is still well-known for its massive product displays that are on exhibit inside its storefronts.Zales currently has over 700 locations and is present throughout

Zales provides some of the best products at remarkably affordable costs. Even on its more expensive things, the business offers a special/revolutionary credit plan called “penny down and dollar a week.” Zales, often known as the Diamond Store, offers a large assortment of pre-set diamond engagement rings, something that many other online jewelers do not. Zales offers a wide range of jewelry, ranging from basic pieces to highly valuable diamonds, for both online and in-person purchases.They also have the most expensive diamonds and the nicest bridal jewelry in the form of straightforward gold bands.

Kay Jewelers

In 1916, Edmund and Sol Kaufmann founded Kay Jewelers, which is currently a division of Signet Jewelers in Akron, Ohio, in Reading, Pennsylvania.Kay has been a jewelry brand that represents appreciation and love since its founding. Before Kay focused solely on jewelry sales, they used to sell appliances, watches, jewelry boxes, silverware, and even razors.With more than 1,000 locations and thousands of committed jewelry specialists, Kay Jewelers is currently the largest jewelry retailer in the United States.As a matter of fact, Kay Jewelers is the second most popular jewelry retailer in the US, with a presence in malls.

Kay also has a strategy of taking over as many malls and traditional retail areas as she can.They have also influenced your psyche by frequently appearing in your vision, in real life, throughout your comings and goings, ever since you were a young child.Since the firm is committed to make sure that everyone looks attractive, they currently provide the highest quality jewelry at the most reasonable prices. They have everything from the newest in jewelry and apparel to timeless essentials.

Whether you shop at a KAY store or online, they aim to provide you with individualized attention and reliable KAY knowledge to assist you in making the best decision. Via a Live Chat or Virtual Consultation on the internet

2) Warranty


A complimentary warranty known as the Lifetime Diamond Commitment is offered by Zales. It says that if your diamond is lost or broken, Zales will replace it as long as you visit one of their locations to have your engagement ring cleaned, examined, and registered. The replacement diamond will be of an equivalent or higher grade than the original.

This only pays for the diamond itself; prongs that require fixing or metalwork required to set it are not covered.

Kay Jewelers

At Kay, the same broad guidelines apply, but they also cover other precious stones. It’s referred to as the Lifetime Gemstone and Diamond Guarantee. This guarantee covers all emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.

Most internet diamond sellers don’t have a policy like this one. Diamond grading is the cause of this.

Let’s say you purchased a 1.5 carat diamond graded J in color and I1 in clarity. White cloud inclusions, like as the diamond below, could be present.

The diamond next to it has the same clarity, carat weight, and color grading (H). In terms of pricing, this diamond would be regarded as a “better diamond”. But do you believe it to be?

Winner: Kay is the winner of this category.

3) Quality


The previous few years have seen a decline in Zales’s reputation for producing high-quality goods. Zales does not offer the best quality jewelry. Compared to diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Zales diamonds are of poorer quality.There have been numerous inquiries about the caliber of the jewelry offered by Zales. It is not shocking to discover expensive jewelry at Zales that is of poor quality.

Kay Jewelers

For a considerable amount of time, Kay Jewelers has been reputable for providing high-quality jewelry along with an excellent insurance plan that covers cleaning once every six months and pays to get the piece repaired in the event that a diamond falls out.

But practically all of Kay Jewelers’ diamonds are IGI certified. Customers should anticipate receiving a lower-quality diamond than what they paid for as a result of this. Kay Jewelers is of mediocre quality all throughout.

Winner: Based on quality Kay is truly on another level.

4) Selection


Research indicates that Zales is the preferred retailer for a “more fashion-oriented consumer…someone looking for the latest trend,” according to Virginia Drosos, CEO of Signet Jewelry. Zales, often known as “The Diamond Store,” says that their goal is to give clients “stylish diamond, gemstone, and fashion jewelry.”

For someone who views jewelry as glitzy additions to looks and ensembles, Zales is a great location to shop. Both beautiful jewelry better suited for special events and usable, everyday necessities are available in their collection. This is where Zales’ partnership with Vera Wang really helps them out.

Kay Jewelers

Customers who purchase jewelry to “commemorate a moment or a relationship,” on the other hand, choose Kay. Kay’s goal statement, which reads, “Celebrate life and express love,” reflects the company’s focus on romance and gift-giving.

They provide a variety of jewelry for engagement and marriage, in addition to watches, charms, and personalized items that are meant to serve as reminders of significant occasions in life.

Winner: Kay is the winner.

5) Pricing


As previously said, Zales Jewelry was founded to assist individuals and families who desired jewelry but had little financial resources. Zales claims to sell jewelry at a lower price than its competitors, and the jewelry they do sell is rather inexpensive.

Kay Jewelers

Although the overall selection at Kay and Zales may differ, you’ll discover that their costs and worth are nearly equal. Although most of Kay’s rings are priced between $1,000 and $2,500, she does sell about 100 pieces for $10,000 or more to clients who desire something more upscale. The Zales and Jared gems received I color and SI2 clarity standards, but there is a catch: Kay does not disclose the diamond’s grading.

Winner: Kay wins this round.

6) Payment Methods


Zales provides free shipping on all online orders in addition to credit options. A sixty-day return policy is also offered (as long as the return terms and restrictions are met). Zales can ship via UPS to your front door or to the Zales store of your choice. Shipping to a Zales store is free of charge.

Kay Jewelers

Kay provides a 60-day return policy and credit possibilities, just like its sister firm. You have the option to pick up your item at the designated Kay Jewelers shop, or Kay will mail it to your home by UPS. For the second choice, there are no delivery costs.

Winner: It’s a draw.

7) Online store


The Zales website is well-organized by category (watches, jewelry, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and create-your-own rings), and it has distinct tabs for engagement and wedding rings as well as gift suggestions (arranged by recipient, occasion, cost, and bestsellers).

In terms of presentation, the Zales website is more conventional and uncomplicated. It’s all about the jewels; most of the photos show the rings in their usual arranged state.

To assist you narrow down your search, you can filter their inventory of Zales Engagement rings for her under the Engagement tab by price, style, stone type, stone shape, stone color, metal type, metal color, carat range, and even bandwidth. The website has a search box where you can enter particular keywords to see whether they have what you’re looking for right away.

Ring descriptions and images of your ring from at least two distinct angles are displayed on the individual item pages. Critics have expressed their desire to be able to watch a 360-degree preview of the ring prior to purchase, though.

Kay Jewelers

Kay’s website, however, is more contemporary. Moments and people are prominently included in their photos, which is in line with their emotive, gift-giving style. Most images are of brides and couples, along with suggestions for nuptial shoots. Like Zales, Kay’s catalog is divided into tabs for engagement rings and gift ideas and is arranged by category (rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, charms, watches, and customizable jewelry).

Rings can be further sorted by price, style, metal type, stone shape, customizing choices, and collections under the Engagement tab. Additionally, a search box is provided to expedite your search. Similar to Zales, individual item pages only provide two images and ring descriptions; they do not offer a 360-degree preview.

But Kay offers a well-organized FAQs area, something Zales does not. Answers to questions concerning repairs, warranties, service plans, account information, online orders, refunds and returns, custom design, ring sizing and engraving, goods specifications, and trade-in rules may be found on a very helpful page.

Winner: Kay takes the win in this round.

8) Customer Support


A complimentary warranty known as the Lifetime Diamond Commitment is offered by Zales. It says that if your diamond is lost or broken, Zales will replace it as long as you visit one of their locations to have your engagement ring cleaned, examined, and registered. The replacement diamond will be of an equivalent or higher grade than the original.

This only pays for the diamond itself; prongs that require fixing or metalwork required to set it are not covered.

Kay Jewelers

Their jewelry made of diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds is guaranteed for life. However, that guarantee is only valid if they conduct a six-monthly inspection.

Winner: Kay wins this round. They have one the best customer service teams.

Overall Winner

Overall, Kay Jewelers is the clear winner over Zales in terms of the website, quality, store location, pricing, return customer support, and reviews.

Since Zales and Kay are both part of the same corporate family, their similarities and differences in benefits are actually rather close. Expert jewelers’ most notable critique of both companies is that the diamonds are of inferior grade and aren’t GIA or AGS certified.

You should purchase your diamonds elsewhere if you have a high-end taste in jewelry and want that they be flawless. But if you don’t care too much about rocks and are content with having something emotional and sparkly, purchasing from the closest Zales or Kay mall store would work perfectly for you.


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