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Yellow Gemstones: List Of Names, Meanings & Pictures (Complete Guide)

In the world of gemstones, there are many different types of gemstones available.

Today, Let’s talk about Yellow Gemstones in this article.

This post will cover all popular types of Yellow gemstones. In this post, we will explore Yellow gemstones and their meanings in detail.

Let’s get started!

List Of Yellow Gemstones

1. Citrine

The modern birthstone for November, citrine, is without a doubt the most well-liked yellow gemstone. Because there is a lot of quartz in the Earth’s crust, this type of quartz is cheap and ranges in color from yellow to orange or brown. Nonetheless, this mineral makes a sturdy jewelry stone. While citrines in their natural color are not very common, heating smoky quartz can give it a vivid yellow-orange tint. Additionally, colorless quartz can be transformed into brilliant lemon quartz by combining heat treatment and radiation.

What is the meaning of Citrine?

Positive energy is symbolized by citrine. Wearers of this gemstone will experience luck and prosperity. It is without a doubt the best option for people who wish to succeed in life.

2. Golden South Sea Pearls

Golden South Sea pearls grow large and have a lovely, satiny surface. These are some of the largest pearls, with typical sizes near 13 mm (as opposed to Akoya’s 6 or 7 mm average). They are, however, extremely rare and expensive. Fortunately, a special heat treatment technique has been developed to make these stunning pearls more widely available, and well-matched strands of golden South Sea pearls are now far more affordable than they were previously.

What is the meaning of Golden South Sea Pearls?

The Golden South Sea Pears are often associated with luxury, wealth and respect. These pearls are a symbol of success and make a perfect gift to celebrate big achievements.

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3. Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are great, but they can be pricey. Most likely, when consumers think of the birthstone for April, they picture a colorless diamond. On the other hand, some gemologists think that yellow is the true color of a diamond. As a matter of fact, colorless diamonds are rated according to how little yellow hue they have on the GIA D to Z color grading scale! Diamonds are yellow because of the nitrogen that is present in the carbon crystal. There are some of these gems that have vivid “canary” colors. Think about purchasing an irradiated or high pressure and high temperature treated (HPHT) gem if you’re in love with yellow diamonds but want to save money. Compared to a natural fancy yellow diamond, these are less expensive and entirely safe to wear.

What is the meaning of Yellow Diamonds?

Yellow Diamonds represent warmth and joy. This stone is perfect to celebrate friendship and companionship.. If you are looking for a gemstone to celebrate any special occasion, you should go for yellow diamonds.

4. Amber

Amber was originally tree sap and is renowned for containing sporadic insects or other small animals. It takes more than 30 million years for this organic gemstone to take on its current form. The most sought-after and slightly more expensive colors are deep yellows. Even so, amber is incredibly cheap. Large quantities of this material are uncommon, though. Be advised that some large pieces of amber available for purchase might have been assembled from smaller pieces. Heat treatment is a common process used to enhance the color of amber, but it is frequently unknown to consumers.

What is the meaning of Amber?

Amber has a variety of properties and meanings. It is thought by some to have healing qualities that can treat ear infections and arthritis. Some people think it’s a magical stone that promotes calmness and helps with emotional balance. More specifically, it enhances focus.

5. Yellow Garnet

Garnet is arguably one of the most amazing yellow gemstones. Although the majority of people associate this January birthstone with reddish brown tones, it can have nearly any color in the rainbow. One type of grossular garnet that can have a yellow hue is hessonite. Topazolite, the yellow variety of andradite garnet, is far more impressive. This gem exhibits multicolored “fire” due to its higher dispersion than diamond. Topazolite is a rare gemstone, so you might have to look hard to find the one you’re looking for. Mali garnets are extremely dispersed and brilliant, and they form from a combination of andradite and grossular chemistry.

What is the meaning of Yellow Garnet?

The meaning of Yellow Garnet represents sun, light and warmth. It bring joy and happiness to those who wear it. It also helps in balancing both positive and negative energies around us.

6. Yellow Jade

Jade, sometimes referred to as the mysterious gem, is actually one of two minerals: either jadeite or nephrite. Although both minerals have slightly different properties, they can both be yellow. Nephrite is a large-sized, opaque stone that is frequently carved. However, jadeite’s translucency and “colored oil” appearance make it a popular stone. Compared to nephrite, jadeite pieces are typically much more expensive and smaller. However, yellow jadeite’s prices never approach those of the more popular green jadeite. Nephrite and jadeite have similar extreme toughness. They are not brittle enough to break under a hammer blow. Jade was actually utilized in ancient musical instruments and has the ability to produce lovely sounds when struck! Nonetheless, a significant portion of jade is “B” grade material that has undergone acid treatment.

What is the meaning of the Yellow Jade?

Yellow Jade bring luck and prosperity to those who wear it. It also promotes emotional balance and stability. It is a great stone for those who suffer from anxiety and stress.

7. Yellow Topaz

When it comes to yellow gemstone jewelry, topaz—the traditional birthstone for November—is a great choice. This stone, which has an 8 hardness rating, is resistant to scratches but still easily chips. Opaque topaz in yellow to peach-orange tones is also referred to as “precious topaz.” While heat treatments can bring out the color of these gems, the color of many specimens of yellow topaz is inherent.

What is the meaning of Yellow Topaz?

Yellow Topaz is a symbol of joy and positivity. It helps with mental clarity and concentration. It is said to bring happiness and heal physically the ones who wear it.

8. Yellow Zircon

This December birthstone can display almost any color, despite its common association with blue. Zircon is a great and popular substitute for diamonds because of its brilliant sparkle. Although yellow colors are frequently the result of heat treatment, they can be vivid and appealing. Zircon is relatively brittle and prone to chipping even though its hardness is high enough to prevent scratches. Melichrysos is a trade name for yellow zircon, and jargoon or jargon are terms used for pale yellow zircons.

What is the meaning of the Yellow Zircon?

Yellow Zircon has various meanings and properties. It is said to promote prosperity and encourage positive thinking. It helps in overcoming fears and Doubts. It is a great choice for those who doubt themselves and cannot express themselves.

9. Yellow Sapphire

Although sapphire is most commonly associated with blue, it can be any color save red. The mineral corundum is sapphire; however, any red corundum is actually ruby. Although much less costly than their pink and blue counterparts, yellow sapphires are still highly attractive. These beautiful yellow tones in sapphire are caused by iron content, and they can be intensified by heat treatment or radiation. Heat treatment gives irradiated yellow sapphires a stable color, even though they may fade in the sun.

What is the meaning of the Yellow Sapphire?

Yellow Sapphire represents the planet Jupiter, which is known for wisdom, wealth and knowledge. It bring good luck to those who wear it and helps one financially. It is a good choice for students and people who work in intellectual pursuits.

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10. Yellow Tourmaline

While tourmalines come in almost every color of the rainbow, yellow tones in this birthstone for October are extremely uncommon. Because of this, yellow tourmalines that are available for purchase frequently have inclusions and can fetch high prices. Manganese in the crystal structure of tourmaline is the source of its yellow color. A bi-colored tourmaline with hints of yellow is a true rarity in a stone known for its multicolority.

What is the meaning of the Yellow Tourmaline?

The meaning of yellow tourmaline is believed to be associated with positivity, optimism, and joy. It is said to bring a sense of happiness and contentment to those who wear it, and to help them find the light in dark situations. It is also thought to promote self-confidence and to help individuals communicate their thoughts and feelings more effectively.

The meaning behind yellow tourmaline is positivity and optimism. It brings a sense of happiness to the one who wear it. It is great choice for those who suffer with stress and anxiety.

11. Scapolite

Although scapolite is sometimes mistaken for citrine, it is a far rarer gem. When available, scapolite of gem quality is frequently a lovely honey yellow in color. There are also occasionally cat’s eyes, which are especially brilliant in this gem. Unfortunately, using scapolite for rings is not suited to its brittle nature. Wear low-impact jewelry, like earrings, to prevent this stone from shattering.

What is the meaning of Scapolite?

The meaning behind this unique colored gemstone is positivity. It is a great stone for those who are looking to bring more light and joy to their lives.

12. Sphene

Sphene is a popular choice among collectors because of its greater dispersion than diamond. It comes in a variety of hues, including yellow, but color zones are common. Phene’s low hardness and cleavage plane mean that jewelry made with it is unlikely to last. Nonetheless, this gem’s fire can outshine most others when used in a display, and yellow colors with their comparatively light tones are great for highlighting this effect.

What is the meaning of the Sphene?

Sphene is thought to have therapeutic qualities, such as balancing the body’s energy. It is a good option for people who wish to get better at communicating because it promotes self-expression and self-confidence.


Simply put, some stones are more durable than others. With a Mohs hardness rating of at least 6.5, all of these yellow gemstone options are extremely scratch-resistant. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that these gems are dropped or knocked against a table, they are unlikely to shatter. They therefore make great stones for rings and other everyday jewelry pieces.

Yellow gemstones are a great option if you want to add some color or are interested in these stones’ healing properties. With so many choices available, you’re sure to find the ideal stone that best captures your essence.


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