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With Clarity Vs James Allen: Which Is Better? (2024 Comparison)

Looking to know which is better between With Clarity Vs James Allen?

You’re at the right place!

This is our comparison of the With Clarity Vs James Allen.

In this article, I have reviewed both the brands in-depth and will fully explain to you which one is better.

Let’s get started with an in-depth look at what sets these brands apart.

1) History

First of all, let me tell you the history of these two brands, let’s take a look at the history of these brands below:

With Clarity

With Clarity has just come completely new in the diamond industry, this jewelry brand is made together by 2 people whose names are Anubh Shah and Slisha.

It’s only been 4 years since they came in the industry. But they are also the fastest growing brand in the diamond industry of the United States.

Anubh Shah and Slisha, they decided to create this brand when they wanted to marry each other but could not find their dream ring. So their main purpose for making this brand is that people can get the ring according to their choice at affordable rates.

James Allen

James Allen has been in the diamond industry for a long time as compared to With Clarity, it was established in 2006, after that it has gain popularity and a lot of reputation in within the last decade.

James Allen is a brand that owned by Signet. James Allen is famous for their large variety of conflict free diamonds with 360 degree view on their website.

James Allen’s mission has always been to provide high quality diamonds to all types of people at the lowest cost.

If we tell about history, then the history of James Allen is old, but it is very difficult to say who has won in the term of history.

2) Website Navigation

Whenever you are buying online, you should get a good experience, for that a good website navigation is necessary. Now let’s talk about the navigation of the website because both are online stores.

With Clarity

The website of Clarity isn’t something I’d like to brag about. The website appears to be quite decent, at least that was my first opinion after viewing their main page. Customers should find it more friendly and engaging, and I feel it is disorganized.

It’s also crucial to think about menu navigation language and labeling, which With Clarity has done an excellent job with once again. With Clarity didn’t forget about the user and how they would perceive or comprehend what they were attempting to say on their website.

In my opinion With Clarity has done a good job with the navigation language.

But, in any case, let’s go on. With Clarity’s filtering features are sufficient to compensate for my earlier criticisms. You have complete control over the stone type, color, shape, cartage, metal, and pricing.

And I suppose that’s precisely what we need as customers.

James Allen

You may learn why I thought With Clarity was just mediocre by visiting the James Allen website. James Allen’s website has a sleek and contemporary style to it, which I enjoy. The main page includes everything a consumer needs to get their attention.

Furthermore, they offer the correct kind of filters, which makes looking for rings a breeze. You may shop for rings based on metal type or ring style.

Choose from a variety of customer-inspired rings or design your own. With just a few clicks, you may sort the diamonds by cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

The website of James Allen is quite nicely designed, and you can quickly navigate through all of the pages, whether it is the main page or various sorts of jewelry and diamonds sites it also feels like a premium feel to it

I found it very easy to navigate to James Allen’s website. All the necessary information is nearly arranged and are easily accessible. Categories such as Fine jewelry, Weddings collection and Designer Collection are all easy to access it helps to save time.

Overall, I prefer James Allen’s website over With Clarity’s. The latter is a little disorganized and unappealing in terms of design. However, both James Allen and With Clarity have done an outstanding job in terms of screening.

I’d say James Allen’s website has the advantage, but With Clarity is also doing well.

Winner: As a deep analysis, James Allen comes out to be the winner.

3) Quality

When searching for something as significant as an engagement or wedding ring, quality is paramount; you’ll want something that will last a lifetime.

With Clarity

With Clarity, you can expect high-end results. I know they’re pricey, but the quality they deliver more than justifies the cost.

People are often hesitant to buy diamonds online, but I was pleased to find that the vast majority of them had a fantastic experience with With Clarity. Please read the user reviews at the bottom of this page.

Go to their Home Previews to get a better look at the ring you like. It’s without a doubt one of my favorite aspects of With Clarity.

This way, you’ll be able to witness all of the finishing touches that will be applied to your unique painting. They sell both natural and lab-created diamonds, much as James Allen.

That’s all there is to it. I won’t say much more about the quality because I’d prefer you read their customers’ feedback from all around the world.

With Clarity and James Allen are both outstanding at manufacturing high-quality diamond jewelry at reasonable rates.

James Allen

James Allen never fails to deliver high-quality, precisely designed rings with diamonds, in my opinion. Their rings are skillfully created to perfection with the expertise of skilled gemologists.

Before you receive your ring, it goes through a thorough testing procedure to ensure that it is the ideal fit for you. James Allen provides conflict-free diamonds as well as authenticity certificates.

You won’t have to worry about the authenticity of their diamonds because the majority of them are IGI and GIA certified.

Furthermore, James Allen’s products come with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. This means you may have your rings fixed or serviced at no charge at any time.

Winner: James Allen for sure.

4) Store Location

Because that’s how consumers want to buy nowadays, both of these firms have mostly confined themselves to being an online-only store. In the instance of James Allen, there is an exception, as we will show.

With Clarity

To avoid the costs of intermediaries and real shops, With Clarity has no retail locations anywhere in the globe. In their New York headquarters, With Clarity makes its rings to perfection, but that site is sadly closed to tourists.

Their whole inventory is marketed and sold on the internet. However, you don’t have to be concerned since they have a home preview tool that allows you to try on replicas of the rings you want.

Examine the ring of your fantasies that has appeared on your doorway… Sounds interesting, right? I know.

James Allen

James Allen, like Clarity, is located in the United States and does the majority of its business online. If you live in Washington or New York, though, you’re in luck. You can come to James Allen’s shop for a one-on-one examination of the rings you want.

James Allen maintains a store in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., as well as a showroom on Fifth Avenue in New York City. All of their things may be sent anywhere in the world.

Finally, I believe that not having a physical shop is no longer a significant disadvantage. If you’re unsure about buying diamonds online, Home Previews and one-on-one visits offered by With Clarity and James Allen should put your mind at ease.

Winner: James Allen is winner, here too.

5) Pricing

So we’ve arrived to the most exciting portion of the article. Regardless of what you’re buying, price is a major consideration. Let’s see who has a more reasonable pricing point between the two.

With Clarity

Clarity appears to be less diverse in their pricing range than James Allen. The cheapest engagement ring on their website, for example, costs $1330 and features a 0.37 carat diamond in SI clarity.

A 2 carat diamond ring set in 14k gold is also the most costly engagement ring. It’s truly lovely, and it’ll cost you $6,000.

This ring has a total of 16 diamonds with a clarity of Sl. And there’s little question that this ring will get a lot of attention. Of course, with that price tag, you’d think it would!

James Allen

Despite the fact that James Allen is a household brand, their pricing continue to astound me. The ring that costs $5000 at luxury companies like Tiffany can be had for roughly $3000 from James Allen, sans the famous name and the praised blue box, of course.

Take a look at some of their stunning jewelry, as well as their costs. I don’t know about you, but I adore side stone settings in rings, so I went to James Allen and looked through this section.

The most affordable ring is a 14k white gold engagement ring, which costs roughly $560 and is quite gorgeous.

Overall, I wouldn’t choose one over the other when it comes to cost. There isn’t much of a difference in my opinion. Clarity, on the other hand, requires a more flexible pricing range.

Winner: James Allen in true sense.

6) Shipping

With Clarity

With Clarity, on the other hand, is only accepting orders from within the United States. They ship to all states in the United States, but not to countries outside of the United States.

Regardless of the shipment size or shipping location, James Allen offers free shipping.

They will mail your order anywhere in the globe for free. The nicest aspect is that they cover your package for free while it is in route. Customers from other countries, on the other hand, may be subject to extra taxes, customs, or charges.

With Clarity, all orders inside the United States receive free delivery, which is completely insured. International shipping isn’t provided, thus there’s no way of knowing how much it will cost.

James Allen

I’m afraid James Allen promises to give international delivery, but this isn’t the reality. Looking at their list of shipping destinations on their website, I discovered that they only ship to 22 countries, including Spain, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, and Germany.

They provide FedEx Priority, FedEx Economy, and USPS shipping options. There are no deliveries to P.O. Box addresses.

Winner: Overall, James Allen wins in terms of shipping services because it ships to many significant nations across the world, whereas With Clarity only ships to the United States.

7) Return Policy

With Clarity

Once an order has been placed with With Clarity for more than 30 days, it is deemed a final sale. If you’re not pleased with your purchase, you may return or exchange any undamaged or unworn item to With Clarity.

Because all orders are placed in the United States, return postage is free.

James Allen

Customers of James Allen have access to a sound and simple return policy. If you’re not completely satisfied with your item after getting it, you can return it within 30 days, no questions asked.

Additionally, free return shipping is only available for orders placed in the United States and Canada. A $50 return shipping fee will be applied to overseas purchases.

Winner: Finally, the return policies of the two brands in comparison are tied. Neither is superior or inferior to the other. If I had to choose one I would choose James Allen to be the winner of this category.

8) Customer Support

With Clarity

On the other side, With Clarity also provides experienced gemologist services. You may reach them by phone at 8442346463 from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, or by email at [email protected].

James Allen has the upper hand since it provides customer assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, this does not imply that I am dissatisfied with With Clarity’s customer service. They’re also doing an adequate job!

James Allen

James Allen has a staff of non-commissioned diamond professionals that can assist you make the best decisions regarding your jewelry. Your complaints will be addressed by their professional customer service staff.

You can reach a James Allen representative at any time of the day or week by dialing 1-877-826-9866. You may contact them by Skype or email at [email protected]. Aside from that, you may contact them directly through their website and schedule a real-time diamond examination.

Winner: Both James Allen and With Clarity have an excellent customer support team, so there’s no clear winner in this stage.

9) Customer Reviews Online

With Clarity

With Clarity has 4.8 star rating on Wedding Wire. Almost all customers are fully satisfied by their products and services. Similarly, it is fair to state that With Clarity is doing an excellent job with both their rings and services.

James Allen

On Wedding Wire, James Allen has a 4.8 star rating based on more than 1000 reviews. Customers at James Allen appear to be pleased with both the service and the price.

There are hundreds of reviews on Wedding Wire that you may read. To be honest, I was pleasantly pleased by James Allen’s consistent reputation across the internet.

Winner: Both James Allen and With Clarity have great customer reviews and feedbacks.

10) Warranty

With Clarity

With Clarity is committed to creating high-quality jewelry that will last a lifetime. With your jewelry, their goal is to make you happy now and in the future.

They provide a lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults. Any diamonds weighing less than 0.10 carat that are broken or lost as a result of natural wear and tear will be replaced.

The warranty does not apply to diamonds weighing more than 0.10ct.

Engagement rings with center stones or gemstones are not covered by the warranty. Damage, loss, or theft are not covered by your Lifetime Warranty, and fees are assessed according on the repair needs as determined by their jewelers.

James Allen

James Allen offers a lifetime guarantee on maintenance and repairs. From cleaning to polishing to prong tightening, we’ll take care of any problems you have.

James Allen offers free resizing for the first year following your purchase. James Allen understands how difficult it may be to find the right size. You can trust James Allen to make sure everything is in order.

Winner: I think both have good policy for the warranty.

Overall Winner

With Clarity and James Allen both make high quality jewelry. With features unique to each brand, they each have areas where they excel.

James Allen is a world leader in diamond industry while With clarity is a new arrival in the industry. The best one for you depends on the diamonds and the jewelry you need. James Allen has a slightly heavier edge compared to With Clarity.

Moreover, James Allen comes to be the clear winner in its comparison with With Clarity, no doubt.


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