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Why Are Engagement Rings So Expensive? (Explained)

Why Are Engagement Rings So Expensive

You must also be stunned quite often after hearing the cost of engagement rings, what is so special about them that due to which they are so expensive.

So, Why Are Engagement Rings So Expensive? They can be expensive because they feature diamonds around the rings, and the craft work of engagement rings are also premium quality. Engagement Rings can sometimes feature other precious gemstones along with diamonds, such as sapphires, rubies, or emeralds.

Lets look in more details what factors make the engagement rings expensive.

Some Reason Why Are Engagement Rings So Expensive

1) Quality of the diamonds 

The first thing to keep in mind is the type of metal used to make the engagement rings and the type/ quality of the diamonds. The number 1reason for engagement rings are expensive due to their diamonds.

The diamonds are used in engagement are of high quality, they cost a lot. Generally, the engagement ring’s price will vary depending on the size of the diamonds – a 3 carat diamond ring costs more than 1.5carat.

2) Top Notch Craft Work

Generally, the craft work of the engagement ring is very spectacular, it is calibrated by the jewelers very hard and thoughtfully. Jewelers put in a lot of efforts to design it very beautifully thus they get more money for their splendid work and craftmanship.

3) Popularity

The other reason for the high cost of the engagement rings has to do with the its popularity. Many Hollywood stars and celebrities do photoshoots wearing rings. After that many generalists ask the price of his ring, then he tells


Engagement ring is as good as ever and it contributes a lot to a person’s personal life. So whenever you are buying an engagement ring, always buy a good and quality one.

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