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Whiteflash A Cut Above Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

Diamonds, those exquisite gems that captivate our hearts and symbolize eternal love. But not all diamonds are created equal. In a world flooded with options, one name stands above the rest—Whiteflash and their exclusive A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds. Prepare to be dazzled as we delve into the realm of precision and beauty.

In this article, we will explore the unparalleled cut, meticulous technical specifications, and undeniable value for money that make A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds a cut above the rest. Get ready to experience the brilliance like never before as we uncover the secrets behind these extraordinary gems.

Let’s get started!

Whiteflash: A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds

Unlocking the World of Whiteflash and A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds

Setting foot in the realm of fine jewelry and diamonds, Whiteflash emerges as a shining star in the online landscape. With their unwavering commitment to excellence, they have become synonymous with Super Ideal Cut diamonds and exquisite designer engagement rings. But what sets them apart from the crowd? It’s their dedication to diamond education that truly sets them on a pedestal.

Whiteflash believes that knowledge is power, and they empower their buyers with a wealth of information through their Educational pages. No more mysteries or guesswork when it comes to choosing the perfect diamond. With Whiteflash, you’re guided on a journey of understanding, enabling you to appreciate the extraordinary quality of their stones.

Harnessing the power of the American Gem Society (AGS) certification and their in-house GIA trained specialists, Whiteflash boasts an impressive inventory that rivals any other online diamond retailer. But among their treasures shines a collection that takes diamond perfection to new heights – the exclusive A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds. Prepare to be captivated by their brilliance as we explore the enchanting world of A CUT ABOVE®.

The Exceptional Cut of A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds

When it comes to diamonds, the cut plays a crucial role in determining their beauty, brilliance, and overall appeal. A CUT ABOVE® diamonds, offered exclusively by Whiteflash, are renowned for their exceptional cut. Let’s explore the key factors that make the cut of these diamonds truly remarkable:

  1. Triple Zero Rating: To be considered an A CUT ABOVE® diamond, the stone must first receive a triple zero rating through AGS certification. This rating signifies the highest possible grade in terms of light performance, polish, and symmetry. It ensures that each A CUT ABOVE® diamond is meticulously crafted to perfection.
  2. Hearts and Arrows Formation: A defining feature of A CUT ABOVE® diamonds is the Hearts and Arrows pattern. When viewed through a special scope, these diamonds display eight symmetrical hearts and eight arrows. This pattern indicates exceptional optical symmetry and precise craftsmanship. The hearts represent the diamond’s pavilion facets, while the arrows symbolize the crown facets.
  3. Optimum Light Performance: A CUT ABOVE® diamonds are designed to achieve the optimum light performance in all conditions. The precision of their cut allows them to maximize the amount of light entering the diamond, resulting in superior brilliance, fire, and scintillation. The careful alignment of facets ensures that light is reflected and refracted effectively, creating a captivating sparkle.
  4. Exacting Proportions: Every A CUT ABOVE® diamond is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, adhering to specific proportions. These proportions are carefully calculated to achieve optimal light reflection and refraction, enhancing the diamond’s overall beauty. The precise alignment of facets and angles contributes to the diamond’s exceptional cut and brilliance.
  5. Rigorous Quality Control: Whiteflash has established strict quality control measures to ensure that each A CUT ABOVE® diamond meets the highest standards. Their team of expert gemologists and diamond cutters meticulously inspect and evaluate every diamond to ensure it meets the stringent criteria set for A CUT ABOVE® diamonds. This meticulous approach guarantees that only the finest diamonds make it into the collection.

Unveiling the Visual Imaging Technologies

Whiteflash is dedicated to providing customers with a transparent and informative diamond buying experience. To support their claim of “Extreme Precision – Exceptional Beauty” for their A CUT ABOVE® collection, they offer a range of advanced visual imaging technologies that allow buyers to explore the intricate details of each diamond. Let’s take a closer look at these imaging reports and their significance:

  1. Diamond Image: Whiteflash provides a high-resolution, unedited photograph of each diamond. This magnified image allows buyers to assess the diamond’s overall appearance and determine if it is eye clean. Additionally, it showcases the Hearts and Arrows patterning, providing a glimpse of the diamond’s precision cut.
  2. Ideal Scope: The Ideal Scope report provides insights into a diamond’s light return and sparkle. It uses color-coded images to highlight light return (red), light leakage (greyish), and light obscurity (black). By analyzing the Ideal Scope image, buyers can assess the diamond’s cut quality and determine its brilliance.
  3. ASET (Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool): The ASET image offers a detailed visualization of a diamond’s light performance. It represents the intensity and distribution of light entering and leaving the diamond, helping buyers evaluate its scintillation and contrast. The ASET image is based on the AGS cut grading system and provides valuable information about the diamond’s overall visual appeal.
  4. Hearts Image: For A CUT ABOVE® diamonds, Whiteflash provides Hearts images that demonstrate the optical symmetry of the diamond. These images reveal the eight arrows visible through the table and eight hearts visible through the pavilion. The Hearts and Arrows pattern represents the precision of the diamond’s cut and ensures maximum light performance.
  5. 360° HD Diamond Video Viewer: Whiteflash offers a 360° high-definition video viewer that allows buyers to observe the diamond from all angles. This dynamic video showcases the diamond’s interaction with light, enabling buyers to identify any flaws or inclusions and assess its overall visual impact.

A CUT ABOVE® Princess: Peak Performance in Princess Cut Diamonds

The A CUT ABOVE® Princess is a remarkable addition to Whiteflash’s collection. While round brilliants are widely popular, the A CUT ABOVE® Princess offers princess cut diamonds that excel in both light performance and fire. To earn the prestigious A CUT ABOVE® designation, a Princess cut diamond must receive a Triple Zero AGS certification. Unlike GIA reports, AGS provides detailed information crucial for buyers in assessing this particular cut.

Similar to the rigorous standards applied to round brilliants, the specifications for a Princess cut diamond are equally demanding. Whiteflash meticulously analyzes ASET and IdealScope images to evaluate the diamond’s light handling properties, ensuring exceptional brilliance.

On their website, Whiteflash offers an in-depth exploration of AGSL diamond grading specific to the Princess cut. Their information is comprehensive and leaves no stone unturned.

Key Specifications for A CUT ABOVE® Princess Cut Diamonds:

  1. Center Light Leakage: A high-quality Princess cut diamond should exhibit no light leakage at its center, maximizing its brilliance.
  2. AGS 0 Cut Grade: The diamond must achieve the highest cut grade of AGS 0, indicating superior symmetry and proportions.
  3. Corner Defects and Inclusions: The outer corners of the stone should be free from any inclusions or defects that might compromise its visual appeal.
  4. Length to Width Ratio: The ideal length to width ratio for a Princess cut diamond is 1.03, ensuring a pleasing and balanced appearance.

Traditionally, cutters have prioritized maximum yield when cutting Princess cut diamonds, resulting in lower overall focus on cut and light performance compared to round brilliants. This has created a noticeable gap in the market for Princess cut diamonds that can meet the stringent specifications of their round brilliant counterparts.

Whiteflash has taken on this challenge by crafting high-performing Princess cut diamonds. Although these diamonds adhere to different specifications than round brilliants, the demand for excellence remains exceptionally high. By applying their expertise and commitment to superior craftsmanship, Whiteflash has bridged the gap and delivers Princess cut diamonds that meet the highest standards of brilliance and beauty.

The A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series: The Best of the Best

The A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series is designed to captivate those who recognize the significance of each of the 4 C’s in diamond evaluation. While the cut undoubtedly takes center stage among the 4 C’s, it is crucial not to overlook the importance of color and clarity, as they profoundly impact the visual appeal of a diamond.

Key Specifications for A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series Diamonds:

  1. Cut: The diamond must meet all the A CUT ABOVE® cut specifications, whether it is a princess or round brilliant. This ensures that the diamond is crafted with exceptional precision and maximizes its brilliance and sparkle.
  2. Color: The diamond must be at least a D, E, or F in color, falling within the range considered “colorless.” These color grades signify a higher level of purity and enhance the diamond’s overall aesthetic.
  3. Clarity: The diamond must have a clarity grade of FL-VVS, denoting exceptional clarity and microscopic cleanliness. Diamonds in this clarity range exhibit minimal to no visible inclusions, further enhancing their visual appeal.

At its core, the A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series represents the epitome of excellence. If you seek a diamond that surpasses all expectations, this collection is an invaluable resource. These diamonds embody the pinnacle of what is cherished in the diamond world.

But does it truly make a difference? From my perspective, the answer is a resounding YES. A diamond with superior color and clarity will always exude a more captivating allure. As is customary in the diamond market, stones that fall into the top brackets of color and clarity specifications command higher prices. However, the investment is justified by the undeniable beauty and desirability that these diamonds possess.

Evaluating the Excellence of A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds

When it comes to evaluating the excellence of A CUT ABOVE® diamonds, the provided ASET and Heart images by Whiteflash serve as powerful evidence of their exceptional quality.

Diamond Symmetry:

By comparing three random A CUT ABOVE® Ideal Scope images to the table above, it becomes evident that each diamond exemplifies the desirable properties of an Ideal cut diamond. While not identical, the symmetry and light performance displayed in these images are impressive, making any of these three stones worthy recommendations.

Whiteflash Ideal Scope Examples:

These examples from Whiteflash’s Ideal Scope images showcase the high level of symmetry and light performance found in A CUT ABOVE® diamonds. The precise craftsmanship and attention to detail in their cutting ensure that these diamonds meet the stringent requirements of an Ideal cut.

Transparent Specifications:

One remarkable aspect of A CUT ABOVE® diamonds is that their specifications are not shrouded in mystery or obscured by branding gimmicks. Instead, they represent a small percentage of diamonds that have been exceptionally cut and possess the necessary attributes to be considered world-class. Whiteflash provides clear and transparent information about the characteristics and quality of each A CUT ABOVE® diamond.

Accessible Quality:

What sets A CUT ABOVE® diamonds apart is not only their exceptional quality but also the accessibility of information and graphical evidence provided by Whiteflash. Potential buyers have the opportunity to personally examine the quality and beauty of these diamonds through the available imagery and detailed reports. This transparency allows customers to make informed decisions and confidently select an A CUT ABOVE® diamond that meets their desires and expectations.


In conclusion, A CUT ABOVE® diamonds by Whiteflash represent the epitome of diamond excellence. From their exceptional cut and precision to their unmatched brilliance and scintillation, these diamonds stand out as true works of art. The A CUT ABOVE® collection offers a range of diamond cuts, including princess and round brilliants, each meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality.

What sets A CUT ABOVE® diamonds apart is the transparency and detailed information provided by Whiteflash. They go above and beyond to ensure that customers have access to comprehensive reports and imaging technologies, allowing them to make informed decisions and appreciate the craftsmanship behind each diamond.

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of Whiteflash’s priorities. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff provide personalized assistance throughout the purchasing process, making it a seamless and enjoyable experience. Owning an A CUT ABOVE® diamond not only signifies exceptional beauty but also represents a symbol of individuality and personal style.

If you are searching for a diamond that surpasses ordinary beauty and embodies the pinnacle of quality, I wholeheartedly recommend A CUT ABOVE® diamonds by Whiteflash. With their commitment to excellence, transparent approach, and unrivaled craftsmanship, you can trust that you are acquiring a diamond that is truly exceptional and will bring joy for a lifetime. Choose A CUT ABOVE® diamonds for a diamond-buying experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

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