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What Are Conflict Free Diamonds – What Does It Mean?

Conflict free diamonds are those that are ethically extracted from mines. They are not sold unlawfully to help fund the wars, terrorism, and acts of violence. 

A diamond will be considered conflict free according to some of the rules written below.

  • There should not be any kind of child labor.
  • Those who are working in the mines should get a good salary.
  • All types of safe conditions should be there in the mine in which the excavation work is being done.
  • There should not be any funding from terrorist organizations.

The Kimberley Process

The Kimberley Process came into existence after the Sierra Leone war and African conflicts. Diamond industry in association with the United Nations implemented the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

The United Nations main purpose was to implement the scheme of certificates of the Kimberley Process to stop conflicts of diamonds and to stop terrisom and child labors.

Kimberley Process developed rules and regulations governing the diamond market to give it a human face and not to fund terrrionsim, acts of violence and criminal activities.

Conflict free diamonds should have a certificate of origin verifying that they are obtained from conflict free nations. They use unique numbering, laser inscriptions to mark these diamonds which lead to reducing the blood diamonds 98%.

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But some corrupt dealers who have perfected the arts of forging certificates and these have reduced its effectiveness in curbing this vice. 

So just be aware that a Kimberly certified diamond may not be a truly conflict free diamond. 

For a broader human approach the issues such as exploitation of workers child labour, forest labour and environmental pollution should be incorporated into the definition to make the diamonds 100% conflict free.


Any diamond that comes with real Kimberley certification is considered to be completely conflict free. So always being a good buyer these are the diamonds you should buy.

You should always buy a conflict free diamond so that your money is not going to fund for any violence and terrorism.

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