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VS2 vs VVS2 Diamond Clarity: Which Is Better? (2024 Comparison)

Looking to know which is better between VS2 Vs VVS2?

You’re at the right place!

This is our comparison of the VS2 Vs VVS2.

In this article, I have reviewed both diamond clarity in-depth and will fully explain to you their differences and which one is better.

Let’s get started with an in-depth look at what sets these diamond clarity apart.

What’s The Difference Between VS2 and VVS2

VS2 Clarity Diamonds: Unveiling the Beauty Within

VS2 clarity diamonds possess inclusions that are easily visible under magnification but are typically invisible to the naked eye. Gemologists assign the VS2 grade based on the overall effect of these inclusions, considering factors such as their size, type, and overall impact on the diamond’s appearance. It’s important to note that the grade itself does not signify a specific number of blemishes.

Imagine a dazzling one-carat VS2 clarity diamond from the renowned online jeweler, James Allen. This particular gem showcases a delightful array of inclusions, including crystals, cavity, needles, clouds, indented natural, and natural. Although these flaws can be observed under magnification, their impact on the diamond’s brilliance, durability, and overall beauty is carefully evaluated by expert graders. To ensure a comprehensive assessment, it is advisable to have your diamond examined by a reliable organization.

VVS2 Diamonds: Embrace the Subtle Perfection

VVS2 diamonds, on the other hand, are renowned for their minuscule inclusions that are exceptionally difficult to identify even with 10x magnification. Gemologists may need to scan the diamond multiple times to detect transparent twinning wisps, white feathers, or pinpoints. Positioned one grade below VVS1 and one above VS1 on the clarity scale, VVS2 diamonds are highly coveted for their remarkable clarity.

Consider a splendid round-cut VVS2 diamond with four types of inclusions: pinpoints, feathers, indented naturals, and naturals. It’s fascinating to note that other VVS2 diamonds may have an even lower number of inclusions. Regardless of the specific types present, these inclusions are meticulously positioned to minimize their impact. This remarkable clarity grade ensures that VVS2 diamonds exude a breathtaking radiance.

Now that we understand the individual characteristics of VS2 and VVS2 diamonds, let’s explore the five key differences that set them apart:

1. Inclusions in VS2 Diamonds are More Impactful:

  • VS2 diamonds tend to have a higher number of inclusions compared to VVS2 diamonds. These inclusions can vary in size, type, and quantity.
  • VS2 diamonds may exhibit inclusions such as crystals, feathers, clouds, indented naturals, or needles. These inclusions can sometimes be visible to the naked eye without magnification.
  • The presence of more noticeable inclusions in VS2 diamonds can affect their overall clarity and may require careful consideration when choosing a diamond.

2. Visibility of Inclusions

  • In VS2 diamonds, the inclusions are typically visible under 10x magnification but are often not visible to the naked eye. They are usually small and may be scattered throughout the diamond.
  • VVS2 diamonds take visibility to the next level. The inclusions in VVS2 diamonds are incredibly tiny and difficult to spot even under magnification. They are nearly invisible to the naked eye and have minimal impact on the diamond’s appearance.

3. Fire and Brilliance:

  • VVS2 diamonds are known for their exceptional fire and brilliance. The minimal presence of inclusions allows light to pass through the diamond more freely, resulting in enhanced sparkle and scintillation.
  • VS2 diamonds, while still displaying good brilliance, may have a slightly diminished sparkle due to the presence of more noticeable inclusions. However, this difference is often negligible and may not be noticeable to the naked eye.

4. Price Difference:

  • VVS2 diamonds typically command a higher price compared to VS2 diamonds. The rarity and higher clarity of VVS2 diamonds contribute to their premium price.
  • VS2 diamonds, being more readily available and having a slightly lower clarity grade, are generally more affordable than VVS2 diamonds.
  • It’s important to note that the price difference can vary based on other factors such as carat weight, cut, and color.

5. Availability:

  • VS2 diamonds are more commonly found in the market compared to VVS2 diamonds. The majority of diamonds fall within the VS2 clarity range, making them easier to find and providing a wider range of options.
  • VVS2 diamonds, on the other hand, are relatively rare, accounting for a smaller percentage of diamonds available. This limited availability contributes to their higher price and may require more extensive searching to find the desired VVS2 diamond.


In conclusion, the differences between VS2 and VVS2 diamonds lie primarily in the visibility and impact of their inclusions, as well as their fire, price, and availability. VS2 diamonds have more noticeable inclusions, although they are typically not visible to the naked eye.

VVS2 diamonds, on the other hand, have nearly invisible inclusions, resulting in enhanced brilliance and sparkle. VVS2 diamonds command a higher price due to their rarity and higher clarity, while VS2 diamonds are more affordable and readily available. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on personal preferences, budget, and desired level of clarity.

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