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6 Different Types of Tennis Bracelets (2023 Updated)

Types of Tennis Bracelets

Anyone looking for a tennis bracelet will instantly see that it is a sleek and sophisticated classic that will add refinement and shine to any outfit. Tennis wristbands are available in a variety of designs and kinds. They’re all exquisite and go well with any clothing you pick.

Tennis bracelets come in a variety of styles to pick from. The one you pick will be determined by your preferred style and pricing range.

Tennis bracelets come in six different styles. In order of popularity, these are the many types and designs of tennis bracelets:

Different Types of Tennis Bracelets

  • Four Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • Three Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • Bezel Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • Two Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • Three Prong Flower Clasp Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • Multiple Rows Diamond Tennis Bracelet

1. Four Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet

When it comes to tennis bracelets, this is a basic option. It has a single row of magnificent diamonds set in a constructed four-prong basket by specialists.

 It is a popular alternative since the four prongs make it incredibly strong and hold everything in place. To acquire a timeless appearance for your budget, you can select between real and lab made diamonds.

There are little pins on the prong tennis bracelets that assist keep the stone in place. In a tennis bracelet, the prongs are smaller and there are more of them, comparable to what you’d find in a diamond setting in most diamond rings.

2. Three Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The three-prong diamond tennis bracelet is another option. This one is identical to the one above, except it has one row of diamonds in a three-prong basket that is masterfully created.

There are various other sorts of diamond hues and clarity to pick from, but this one only comes with natural diamonds.

3. Bezel Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The bezel setting distinguishes this bracelet. It is both simple and attractive, making it a choice that you will undoubtedly like. Natural diamonds ranging in size from 2 carats to 10 carats can be used to adorn your wrist. The diamonds are held in a unique way by the bezel bracelet.

A band of metal will wrap all or part of the diamond in this setting. This is thought to help keep the diamond in place a bit longer.

4. Two Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet

This traditional bracelet will make a statement while also complementing any ensemble. To keep it simple and beautiful, the diamonds are meticulously placed on two prong baskets.

There isn’t as much keeping the diamond in place. With this style, you’ll need to be cautious.

5. Three Prong Flower Clasp Diamond Tennis Bracelet

This floral clasp tennis bracelet is another option to consider. This is the one to utilize when you want to make a statement. While the others are stunning in their simplicity, this one has a floral pattern to help it stay together.

To keep it safe and looking great, the beautiful natural diamonds are set in three prong baskets.

It uses the three-prong approach, however instead of being basic prongs, the prongs are created in the shape of a flower.

6. Multiple Rows Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The solutions we discussed above are simple and beautiful, with only one row of diamonds around them. This is the type of tennis bracelet that most people desire.

There is, however, the possibility of stacking two or three rows of diamonds on top of each other. Depending on the aesthetic of the bracelet, several prongs or bezel styles can be used on tennis bracelets with many rows.

These James Allen alternatives offer all of the traditional beauty you need at an economical price.

These five selections are likely to fit your demands, regardless of your style or whether you desire a lab made or natural diamond in your tennis bracelet.


The ideal tennis bracelet will be determined by your unique taste. You could like something simple and beautiful. Alternatively, you might go for a tennis bracelet that is big and bold and that everyone will notice straight away.

A tennis bracelet is an excellent method to obtain a piece of jewelry that will be noticed by others, as well as one that is timeless and will last you for the rest of your life.

There are a variety of alternatives available based on your preferences and budget, making this the ideal item to seek out!


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