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James Allen Vs Ritani: Which Is Better? (2024 Comparison)

Looking to know which is better between James Allen Vs Ritani?

You’re at the right place!

This is our comparison of the James Allen Vs Ritani.

In this article, I have reviewed both the brands in-depth and will fully explain to you which one is better.

Let’s get started with an in-depth look at what sets these brands apart.

1) History

James Allen

James Allen Schultz and his wife Michele launched Jamesallen.com in 1998. It’s easy to toss out a year like 1998 without considering what it implies, but when you think about it, 1998 was a long time ago in Internet years.

James Allen was founded as a result of its founder’s dissatisfaction with his own hunt for an engagement ring. The business flourished swiftly after its introduction in 1998, soon establishing itself as one of the leading online engagement ring merchants.

They rebuilt their website as JamesAllen.com in 2005. They began to take their engagement ring line extremely seriously at this time.

They’ve also started collaborating with well-known designers in order to provide you something truly unique.

James Allen proceeded to change the way people shop for diamond rings online. As a result, not only do consumers have better trust in their purchases, but the rest of the business is compelled to follow suit.


Ritani is a fine jewellery firm created in 1999 that specialises in engagement rings and bridal jewellery. The headquarters of the corporation are in New York. Originally, it was a jewellery wholesaler.

Ritani was included to Forbes’ list of America’s Most Promising Companies in January 2014 for its innovative “clicks and bricks” approach, which combines internet shopping and physical storefronts.

Ritani’s network of independent jewelry retail partners spans the United States and Canada, with over 180 sites. The goal of “clicks and bricks” is to educate and help customers while they design their rings, as well as to develop trust and confidence through a free in-store preview.

2) Website Navigation

James Allen

James Allen’s website has a sleek and contemporary style to it, which I enjoy. The main page includes everything a consumer needs to get their attention.

Furthermore, they offer the correct kind of filters, which makes looking for rings a breeze. You may shop for rings based on metal type or ring style. Choose from a variety of customer-inspired rings or design your own. With just a few clicks, you may sort the diamonds by cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

The website of James Allen is quite nicely designed, and you can quickly navigate through all of the pages, whether it is the main page or various sorts of jewelry and diamonds sites it also feels like a premium feel to it

I found it very easy to navigate to James Allen’s website. All the necessary information is nearly arranged and are easily accessible. Categories such as Fine jewelry, Weddings collection and Designer Collection are all easy to access it helps to save time.


When you’re perusing the inventory on the internet, the photographs are large and colourful. Most online diamond merchants focus on the diamond itself, but Ritani’s photos allow you to examine the setting in depth.

Ritani provides an HD image of the diamond as well as a 360-degree perspective, however it is a movie. On a round cut diamond, the view is too far to be adequately examined.

Ritani’s diamond gazing is also erratic, which is my greatest gripe with her. Some gems just feature HD photos, while others only have 360 video, while still others only have stock photographs.

You can obtain a free shop preview if you live near a Ritani partner. You’re out of luck if you don’t have one.

Winner: James Allen is the winner and it’s because of the seamless website navigation features.

3) Quality

James Allen

James Allen never fails to deliver high-quality, precisely designed rings with diamonds, in my opinion. Their rings are skillfully created to perfection with the expertise of skilled gemologists.

Before you receive your ring, it goes through a thorough testing procedure to ensure that it is the ideal fit for you. James Allen provides conflict-free diamonds as well as authenticity certificates. You won’t have to worry about the authenticity of their diamonds because the majority of them are IGI and GIA certified.

Furthermore, James Allen’s products come with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. This means you may have your rings fixed or serviced at no charge at any time.


All Ritani rings are made by hand in New York, with e-commerce transactions processed in a Washington State office. Diamonds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including loose diamonds, wedding bands, and engagement rings. While this is standard practise for any fine jewellery merchant, Ritani’s devotion to providing consumers with a professional experience is exceptional.

The Gemological Institute of America has certified experts available for chat and customer assistance. Ritani Reserve Diamonds are said to be in the world’s top 1% in terms of quality. An engaging shopping experience is provided via HD visuals and 20X magnification. With AGSL scintillation, diamonds are Flash/Fire certified.

Winner: However, they both are high quality James Allen wins.

4) Store Location

James Allen

James Allen is located in the United States and does the majority of its business online. If you live in Washington or New York, though, you’re in luck. You can come to James Allen’s shop for a one-on-one examination of the rings you want.

James Allen maintains a store in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., as well as a showroom on Fifth Avenue in New York City. All of their things may be sent anywhere in the world.


Ritani is, without a doubt, a happy medium between conventional and internet jewelers. A more dynamic experience is enhanced by physical stores, professional assistance, and on-staff specialists.

With over 180 locations across the United States and Canada, Ritani’s network of independent jewelry retail partners is the largest in the industry.

Winner: James Allen is an exclusive online store, while Ritani is a mix of both online and conventional jewelry sales.

5) Pricing

James Allen

James Allen is a brand for everyone. And it more than lives up to its billing. At James Allen, diamonds and other jewels are reasonably priced.

However, cheaper pricing does not imply a reduction in quality. That isn’t true at all. The quality is precisely what you’d expect for the price. They have diamonds of different shapes and sizes. For example, these gems at James Allen are worth serious consideration.

You may acquire some really substandard pieces from them, as well as some extremely fine and expensive gems that are well worth the money. The pricing are reasonable, and the ability to create your ring from beginning to end gives you greater control.


While both Ritani and James Allen rings will be significantly less expensive than any brick and mortar jewellery store, one of these diamond vendors will have a minor price edge. They are, nevertheless, both of excellent quality.

If you see a diamond for less on the internet, Ritani will try to source a similar diamond for less.

When compared to James Allen, Ritani is around 5% more costly. Ritani sells designer settings, which are more expensive than settings purchased from James Allen. Designer is more of a preference than a need.

Winner: James Allen wins this category.

6) Shipping

James Allen

I’m afraid James Allen promises to give international delivery, but this isn’t the reality. Looking at their list of shipping destinations on their website, I discovered that they only ship to 22 countries, including Spain, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, and Germany.

They provide FedEx Priority, FedEx Economy, and USPS shipping options. There are no deliveries to P.O. Box addresses.


Ritani, on the other hand, exclusively takes orders from the United States and Canada. They deliver to all 50 states in the US, but not to nations outside of the US and Canada. They have over 180 physical locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Ritani, all orders placed inside the United States are eligible for free shipping, which is fully insured. There is no international shipping available.

Winner: James Allen is the clear winner.

7) Return Policy

James Allen

Customers of James Allen have access to a sound and simple return policy. If you’re not completely satisfied with your item after getting it, you can return it within 30 days, no questions asked.

Additionally, free return shipping is only available for orders placed in the United States and Canada. A $50 return shipping fee will be applied to overseas purchases.


30-day return policy with no questions asked. Ritani will also cover the shipping and insurance charges for the return shipment. You may also request a complimentary FedEx delivery. There isn’t any sort of restocking charge. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund or exchange in its original, unworn condition. Free return shipping is only available on certain items.

Winner: James Allen wins this category.

8) Customer Support

James Allen

James Allen has a staff of non-commissioned diamond professionals that can assist you make the best decisions regarding your jewelry. Your complaints will be addressed by their professional customer service staff.

You can reach a JA representative at any time of the day or week by dialing 1-877-826-9866. You may contact them by Skype or email at [email protected]. Aside from that, you may contact them directly through their website and schedule a real-time diamond examination.


Ritani’s sole alternatives are phone and live chat. By phone or live chat from 8:00 a.m. to midnight M-F, 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Saturdays, and noon to 9:00 p.m. Sundays (ET).

Winner: James Allen provides world class customer support service.

9) Customer Reviews Online

James Allen

On Wedding Wire, James Allen has a 4.8 star rating based on more than 1000 reviews. Customers at James Allen appear to be pleased with both the service and the price.

There are hundreds of reviews on Wedding Wire that you may read. To be honest, I was pleasantly pleased by James Allen’s consistent reputation across the internet.


Ritani receives good marks for customer service on review sites such as TrustPilot, Consumer Affairs, and the Better Business Bureau.

Ritani has the following ratings on TrustPilot, based on over 400 reviews. They also have only three complaints with the Better Business Bureau, which is quite low.

Winner: James Allen wins because of its slightly better reviews and ratings.

10) Warranty

James Allen

James Allen offers a lifetime guarantee on maintenance and repairs. From cleaning to polishing to prong tightening, we’ll take care of any problems you have.

James Allen offers free resizing for the first year following your purchase. James Allen understands how difficult it may be to find the right size. You can trust James Allen to make sure everything is in order.


Ritani provides a free lifetime warranty to their clients. It only applies to Ritani goods, not to designer ring collections.

You must also activate your warranty online within 45 days of purchase, according to the company. You won’t lose it if you don’t, but you will have to sign up if you want something restored.

All manufacturing flaws are covered by a lifetime guarantee. This only applies to Ritani-branded rings, not to designer rings that Ritani sells. Only for consumers in the United States.

Winner: James Allen is the winner.

Overall Winner

Ritani and James Allen are both known for their high-quality products and services. Both appear to have navigated e-commerce with a nod to the conventional shopping experiences that people may still crave.

The match between Ritani and James Allen is a tight one. However, we feel James Allen has a little advantage in terms of being a better investment of your money and time.

James Allen provides a pleasant and straightforward purchasing experience. They left a lot of questions unanswered with Ritani.

Rather than telling you on the site, they require you to call customer care for several of their features. Both organizations performed admirably in terms of customer service.

In terms of warranty, James Allen’s lifetime warranty has no restrictions and requires no registration. In terms of price and value, James Allen is definitely less expensive than Ritani since Ritani’s ring settings are all designer settings, which are more expensive than a standard ring setting.

In the end, if you have a choice between Ritani and James Allen for an online jewelry shop, you should go with James Allen.

You know exactly what you’re getting with James Allen. Everything is in front of you. You must not only search the company’s inventory on Rare Carat, but you must also check out each individual store and their reputation.

So, even if you locate a diamond for a lower price, there are a variety of factors that might influence it.

Buying a loose diamond with Rare Carat makes the process more difficult. You’re merely purchasing a diamond; you’ll need to pick whether to have it set by a separate firm, the same company, or a local jeweler.

James Allen is the most straightforward and straightforward option. Why complicate and perplex internet diamond purchasing when there is a place where it can be made so much easier?


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