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James Allen Vs Peoples Jewellers: Which Is Better? (2024 Comparison)

Looking to know which is better between James Allen Vs Peoples Jewellers?

You’re at the right place!

This is our comparison of the James Allen Vs Peoples Jewellers.

In this article, I have reviewed both the brands in-depth and will fully explain to you which one is better.

Let’s get started with an in-depth look at what sets these brands apart.

1) History

James Allen

James Allen was started in the year 1998 which is just the start of the new era the starting of the 2000s. The founder’s name is James Allen Schultz he lived in Maryland, in the United States. It was first a motor store in the city of Washington DC but now it is one of the most famous diamond brands in the world. In 2005 James Allen launched their first website or say their first e-commerce store.

Later in 2017 the big giant diamond brand James Allen was acquired by the biggest retail diamond brand named Signet Jewellers. The entire operations of James Allen were handled by them. James Allen offers all types of diamond jewelry like Diamond rings, Necklace etc.

Peoples Jewellers

Unlike James Allen jewelers which is an American brand, Peoples Jewellers is a Canadian brand that makes all types of diamond jewelry. This diamond brand was founded by Samuel Alfred. He first started selling diamonds in Toronto, and then He established a big diamond empire.

Unlike James Allen, Peoples Jewellers was founded in 1919 which is before the World wars which means it is very old and long running brand. In the year 1961, Peoples Jewellers was acquired by Zales Corporations which is another big diamond brand in the world. And again in the year 1999, it was again acquired by another diamonds brand named Birks & Mayors.

2) Website Navigation

James Allen

The website of James Allen looks very beautiful and it has an awesome layout. The UI and UX designs are also good and well structured. The website contains a Menu bar on the top which helps to visit website pages. The menu bar has all the product listings and all the features in it.

Another feature of James Allen’s website is its diamonds search where you can easily search for any diamond which you want to buy. It is a very useful feature for all. You can also search diamonds based on the color, quality an pricing.

The website also contains a 360-degree view of the diamonds which you want to buy. This thing is very useful while purchasing any item online weather it is an gadget or a diamond. This is something every e-commerce store should have.

Peoples Jewellers

Peoples Jeweller’s website is pretty simple as compared to James Allen as it doesn’t have many options to navigate. Like James Allen, it doesn’t have 360-degree diamond view which is disappointing for the customers while buying diamonds.

At the top and bottom of the website, it promotes the featured collections of diamonds which is a little annoying for some customers. Although in the search bar you can search for your specified diamond which you desire to buy.

For this round James Allen wins because it has more features as compared to Peoples Jewellers.

Winner: James Allen is the winner of this category.

3) Quality

James Allen

James Allen provides high-quality diamonds to their customers of all range of pricing including from the lowest to the highest prices. The diamonds made by James Allen are very well cut with professional tools which makes it more attractive and the best.

James Allen provides diamonds in all types of colors including light blue, green, yellow, etc. It has a range of colors which is one of the reasons why James Allen makes more sales than other diamonds brand in the diamond market.

James Allen also has all types of Carat weight in their diamond store. If you are looking for a specified carat of diamonds then you can choose James Allen rather than any other brand.

Peoples Jewellers

Peoples Jewellers have certifications on their diamonds which is the reason why many people have good trust in them, another thing is that they have had a good reputation for a long time, as it is a very old diamond brand. So because of reputation it has good sales.

But recently it has had a bad rating on Sitejabber which makes it less trustworthy because the quality of its diamonds has declined over a period of time. And it is said that it is more people have stoped buying diamonds from them.

Winner: Based on quality James Allen is truly on another level.

4) Store Location

James Allen

First things first, James Allen doesn’t have any kind of physical store. So you cannot buy any diamonds physically from a store from James Allen. In order to buy diamonds from James Allen you need to buy them from their official website.

But if you want to experience a physical visit then you can try the James Allen Virtual Showroom where you will see the diamonds physically in front of you. It is a VR (Virtual Reality) experience made for all customers who want to purchase diamonds.

Peoples Jewellers

Peoples Jewellers has a lot of physical stores not unlike James Allen which sells diamonds only in the online mediums. The stores of Peoples Jewellers are mostly located in Canada because the brand was originated in Canada.

Peoples Jewellers has more than 100 stores world wide, it is a very strong presence for the past 100 years as this brand is very. As well as their physical stores they also have their online retail stores where anyone can buy diamonds from them.

Winner: Peoples Jewellers is the winner of this category.

5) Pricing

James Allen

James Allen’s pricing matter on many factors which includes the Carat weight, the cutting cost, the quality of diamonds, the color, etc. These are some of the factors in which James Allen’s pricing differs. Well, not only James Allen but all the diamond brands use these factors for the pricing of their diamonds.

Well, in particular, the pricing of James Allen ranges from $500 to $100,000 and it can exceed even more if you order some custom design as per your need. Customers can also design their own diamonds while ordering their wedding rings.

Peoples Jewellers

As compared to James Allen Peoples Jewellers has a comparatively low price. Besides being very old diamonds brand Peoples Jewellers has a very low price range. One of the reasons may be it’s negative reviews online, because the diamonds quality has declined.

The price range of Peoples Jewellers is from $300 to $20,000. Peoples Jewellers has has EMI or say financing options for customers who cannot afford the diamonds price, it also indicates that it has declined their sales over the period of time.

Winner: James Allen offers certified high-quality diamonds for a reasonable price. James Allen wins this round.

6) Shipping

James Allen

James Allen has a free cost of shipping service in the United States, United Kindom, Australia and Canada. Except for these countries, James Allen charges shipping costs if you purchase any item from their store. They use FedEx or UPS delivery network for shipping.

If you are in the United States, then they will offer standard shipping which will only take 2 to 5 business days to arrive. Besides you can also choose to have express delivery which will cost you some extra charges even if you want the delivery within 2 business days.

Peoples Jewellers

Peoples Jewellers also offers free shipping but only in the United States and Canada, and only when you order item which costs more than $199 CAD or $149 USD, which is a little disappointing. It charges a shipping charge of nearly 9 USD for every order if you order less the above mentioned amount.

Another drawback of Peoples Jewellers is that it only offers international delivery in 30 countries, which is also not mentioned. Maybe in the future they sell their jewelry in other countries too. But for now they only have 30 countries international delivery.

Winner: James Allen wins.

7) Return Policy

James Allen

James Allen has a very pretty and comprehensive return policy on every item customers purchase if the customers are not satisfied with their product. Customers can return the product within 30 days after delivery with no questions asked of them.

In order to return the item which the customer desires to return, He/She first contacts the customer service team of James Allen through email or phone, or live chat. Another thing to keep in mind is that the item should be kept un harmed and in the same condition in which it was delivered.

Peoples Jewellers

Peoples Jewellers has a better return policy as compared to James Allen because it offers a 60 days long return policy on any item customers purchase from them. Well, this is one of the plus points of Peoples Jewellers, and the item should be kept unharmed and should be in good condition.

Another thing is that it offers free return shipping only in the United States and Canada. So if you are not living in Canada or United States then you need to pay for a return shipping which is very bad experience for customers.

Winner: James Allen takes the win in this round.

8) Customer Support

James Allen

James Allen has customer support with 24X7 live support which is great and helps customers to contact for any kind of damage to the item. Anyone can contact James Allen’s customer team by phone or email or by live support.

If you have a general doubt regarding the items you purchase then you can go to the website’s FAQ section where you can see a lot of general doubts which are mentioned in the FAQ section. This section is available on all websites.

Peoples Jewellers

Peoples Jewellers customer support team is very similar to the customer support team of James Allen but it is not much active as compared to James Allen as it is declining a lot for a lot of time. One way to get in touch to them is through online live chat support they have.

Their customer support team is not that bad, they do reply to your queries but the only problem is they don’t quickly reply to your queries as compared to the brand James Allen. So James Allen wins this round.

Winner: James Allen wins this round. They have one the best customer service teams.

9) Customer Reviews Online

James Allen

James Allen has excellent customer reviews online. As their quality of diamonds is much and much better than many diamonds brand. All the customers are very satisfied with the customer support team and many more. It offers free shipping service which is another plus point.

Overall the customer reviews of James Allen are very positive and nobody mentioned in online forums that it is negative. It is because of the quality of service they provide to the customers, besides having a high price range it is better.

Peoples Jewellers

Peoples Jewellers on the other hand didn’t have good reviews at all. In the website Sitejabber it has got only 2 stars out of 5 which is a clear indication that it is not good as James Allen because it has not made good and quality diamonds over the period of time.

Peoples Jewellers is not that good as compared to James Allen after considering all the factors. So if you want to purchase diamonds than you can go and purchase from James Allen rather than Peoples Jewellers.

Winner: James Allen

10) Warranty

James Allen

Well, James Allen does have a warranty but James Allen has a guarantee of 60 days too. No matter it has warranty or not but it has a good guarantee which is much better than not having a warranty. And you have to keep the item un harmed while returning it.

James Allen provides a lifetime warranty which makes it much and much trustworthy. And it feels customers peace of relief to the people. It is much better to have warranty and guarantee together while purchasing any item.

Peoples Jewellers

Peoples Jewellers doesn’t have any kind of warranty or guarantee unlike James Allen, which has only a one time replacement policy which means you can only replace it once if the product is found defective which is not at all good and it makes much sense to have a better warranty and a guarantee than have no guarantee or warranty.

Peoples Jewellers is overall okay but not good because it has not made good quality of diamonds because of which the sales of Peoples Jewellers has declined over the period of time which is a negative point for any dimaonds brand.

Winner: James Allen.

Overall Winner

Overall at the end I would like to say that James Allen is better than Peoples Jewelry because it has better faclities as compared to James Allen and it there are more and more advantages of choosing James Allen over Peoples Jewelry because as we all know that it has shipping more than 100 countries.

Another good reason to buy from James Allen is because of it’s diamonds quality and customers have seen good quality diamonds only in James Allen and not in Peoples Jewelry and one big negative point of Peoples Jewelry is it’s rating in Sitejabber which is only 2 out of 5 stars.

So at the end I would prefer James Allen when compared to Peoples Jewelry.


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