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James Allen True Hearts Diamonds (2023 Review): Are they Worth It?

This our review of James Allen True Hearts Diamonds

In this James Allen True hearts review we will tell you all about the true hearts diamond.

Lets get started

What Is James Allen True Hearts Collection

In their True Hearts line, James Allen promises a “good assortment of Ideal Cuts,” calling them “the ultimate expression of love.” The phrase fits with their broader marketing strategy, which focuses on the emotional experience of diamond shopping.

Specifications for a True Hearts Diamond

On the James Allen website, it’s difficult to locate any True Hearts diamond parameters.

Although the term implies an Ideal Cut, which is a minimum prerequisite for Hearts and Arrows optical symmetry, an Ideal Cut does not necessarily result in a real Hearts and Arrows diamond.

The shift from Ideal Cut to True Hearts is a bit of a hazy area due to a lack of formal data and specified proportions.

What James Allen does give, however, are guarantees of a masterpiece:

”At James Allen, we take pride in presenting only the finest Hearts and Arrows diamonds money can buy – every single True Hearts diamond we sell is cut and polished at 100X magnification.

Furthermore, our exclusive Diamond Display Technology lets you see any True Hearts diamond magnified in 360° so you can see exactly what you are getting.’’

These are the ones that caught my eye and are a wonderful value for money as well as a delight to own from the Truth Heart collection.

Because I can’t evaluate this against any Real Hearts criteria, we’ll have to rely on the diamonds themselves to determine true quality.

For their diamonds, James Allen offers a Hearts perspective. A random selection of four True HeartsTM stones is shown above.

These diamonds are undeniably remarkable; each features a nice design that exhibits the fundamental Hearts and Arrows shape.

An professional eye, on the other hand, cannot determine which of these photos is typical of a genuine Hearts and Arrows diamond.

On all sides, a Hearts and Arrows diamond must be exactly symmetrical in shape and spacing. Although the photos appear to be somewhat symmetrical at first view, closer investigation reveals deviations in distance and formation.

In truth, none of these diamonds would be classified as authentic Hearts and Arrows diamonds.

Although the Hearts viewer is useful when inspecting a diamond, unless you are a gemologist or diamond specialist, it is doubtful that a buyer would discover the minor flaws that prohibit the stones from being classified as authentic Hearts and Arrows diamonds.

When buying from James Allen, the onus is on the buyer to read between the lines and do extensive study on the hearts and arrows formation in order to make an informed purchase.

Examples of True Hearts Diamonds:

It might be difficult to tell the difference between a Hearts and Arrows diamond and a nearby Hearts and Arrows diamond.

However, I compared a random sample of True Hearts diamonds to offer you the best opportunity of discovering these differences for yourself.

The notion of a Hearts and Arrows diamond becomes a little clearer with these short and easy recommendations.

Types Of True Hearts Diamond Shapes

True Hearts are available in the three most popular diamond shapes – round, princess, and cushion cuts – from James Allen.

Round Cut Diamonds – True Hearts Diamonds

The majority of clients choose them, especially when it comes to Hearts and Arrows stones. When you look at the diamonds in James Allen’s True Hearts collection, for example, you’ll see that the great majority of them are round cuts.

Princess Cut – True Hearts Diamonds

Alternatives to the round brilliant cut include the princess and cushion cuts.

Only the round cut diamond is more popular than the princess cut diamond. With a square or rectangular base and beveled sides, this contemporary form resembles an inverted pyramid. The main difference is in the cut.

The princess cut diamond now has 58 facets, which allows it to dazzle more than most other cuts.

Cushion Cut – True Hearts Diamonds

The cushion cut has been increasingly popular in recent years, which is why it was recently included in the True Hearts line.

A cushion cut True Hearts stone won’t reveal the hearts and arrows design. This is impossible due to the stone’s form and faceting structure. So, while these are called True Hearts, don’t anticipate any hearts or arrows to appear on them.

They are among the greatest princess and cushion cuts available, being properly proportioned and symmetrical with breathtaking shine.

What Data is Provided for the True Hearts Diamonds?

One of the key advantages of purchasing at James Allen is the wealth of information they give to help you make an informed decision.

Diamond Information, Videos, and Photographs

Take a look at the illustration on the right. The website includes a 360-degree HD movie by James Allen that allows you to explore the stone from every angle.

It also features their new super-zoom feature, a lab report, cut explanation diagrams, and, most significantly, graphics of hearts and arrows.

All of these factors combine to make James Allen’s online store the preferred option for thousands of clients looking to purchase diamond jewelry online.

Are James Allen’s True Hearts Worth the Money?

Naturally, the higher the price, the better the cut quality. Some buyers doubt if the True Hearts diamonds are worth the extra money.

It’s true that a diamond with an excellent cut grade will be dazzling. For most individuals, there’s no reason to move beyond this grade into the world of extremely perfect diamonds, where prices skyrocket.

True Hearts diamonds are more expensive. It all depends on what you’re searching for and how much money you have to spend.

Some people are willing to pay more if it means getting the finest of the best, the highest grade with no exceptions. An Ideal diamond will be ideal for those who desire a stunning diamond with a lot of sparkle.

To get the best value and beauty in a diamond, we recommend keeping to the Ideal cut grading. You may even find that certain diamonds in this grade and those in the True Hearts category have some cut parameters in common.

While a True Hearts diamond isn’t required, there’s no questioning its quality, and if you have the funds, there’s no excuse not to have one. It is surely the best money can buy. 

Final Verdict

True Hearts by James Allen are among the finest diamonds available. They have incredible brightness, glitter, and fire, and they appear absolutely stunning. They do, however, come with a price tag to match, so keep that in mind while planning your budget.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, look into the True Hearts collection and marvel at the diamonds’ incredible light performance.

For engagement rings, James Allen is the finest place to go online. True Hearts by James Allen is the greatest alternative for an engagement ring if money is not an issue for you to treasure your love for your special someone. It’s one of the finest investments you can make.

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