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James Allen’s Return Policy & Warranty (Detailed Review)

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What Is James Allen’s Return Policy?

James Allen has a genuinely helpful return policy that gives the customer the opportunity to return their purchase within 30 days of shipment and get a refund or exchange.

James Allen itself pays the return fee so that it doesn’t cost you extra if we one is unsatisfied with purchase. 

Be that as it may, this return policy is for US and Canadian customers and each customer can return only three items for free. If he returns more than 3 purchases then he will have to pay shipping costs.

What Are You Allowed To Return?

You are given the opportunity to return most items if you are unsatisfied with James Allen without any questions and answers. But the item you have bought must be undamaged and in new and unused condition.

If your jewelry shows any wear and tear marks or any other kind of damage is there then it will be rejected. If there has been any minor change in the jewelry by anyone other than James Allen’s jewelers, it will not be accepted.

By the way, if a special order has been given to James Allen, it cannot be returned. These orders are custom made for a specific purpose and are not visible on the website.

This is because return means that the jewelry which has been returned can be sold again to the customer as long as the jewelry is in good condition. Custom jewelry cannot be posted on the website and hence cannot be returned.

If you wish to return a loose diamond that has been purchased from James Allen, then you must ship it along with the original Laboratory Grading Report that came with the purchase.

If you do not receive the laboratory grading report, you may be charged $150 to replace the certificate that was a result of the time and labor that the diamond is genuine.

Now it must be known that if an item has traces of sabotage, then it will not be returned. Apart from this, you have to properly pack the package and return it to James Allen’s office keeping in mind the proper return procedure.

 If an item is returned after 30 days then it will not be accepted and if any item is sent to the James Allen office without a RAN number then it will not be returned and you will get the package back to you.

How Many Days?

James Allen’s return policy is 30 days without any questions asked for all items. These 30 days start from the day of shipment and not the day you purchased or delivered the package.

This is for whatever possible manufacturing and preparation time on the jeweler’s side.

Where Do You Send Returns?

If you have made up your mind to return an item to Jain Salem Jewelers then you should contact their customer service department and advise the representative through phone that you want to return your order.

James Allen will email you within one business day. In this mail you will get the instructions on how to prepare and pack your jewelry properly and prepare it for transport.

Once you have prepared your jewelry, you need to move the order and shipping level to the nearest FedEx location to you and mail it back to the James Allen office. The address there should be given in the email. Due to the 2 day label, your order should be returned to James Allen within two business days.

James Allen will confirm upon arrival the jewelry you send back. Then we will start processing your refund and give you a refund within business weeks.

Refunds will be done in the same way as the method you used at the time of purchase whether you used cash, credit card or any other. If you paid for jewelry by bank wire then you will get the refund in the form of a company check.

What Does It Cost To Return Jewelry (is it free)?

Returns are completely free and no cost is charged as James Allen emails you the shipping label you paid for and insured as part of the return process.

If you have to pay that extra, it’s only and only as a result of the loss that went to the jewelry and James Allen caught it after the purchase returned.

What Is James Allen’s Warranty?

James Allen warranty provides a lifetime guarantee on all its jewelry products. This warranty is applicable on all products, which can benefit from Service Advised within the warranty policy itself.

It is also ensured that if any manufacturing defect is found at the time of delivery it will be fully covered by James Allen without charging you any extra charges or any type of cost.

Does The Warranty Cost Extra Or Is It Free?

James Allen’s warranty services do not charge any extra cost, however, this service covers areas of prong tightening, re-polishing and cleaning, or rhodium plating only.

Any other type of jewelry service has its own charges which will be looked into by the experts at James Allen on your jewelry receipt. This fee depends on the service you want or demand.

Additionally, if you want to send your ring to the experts at James Allen, you’ll need to purchase a fully insured shipping label for $30.

International buyers may also have to pay higher fees depending on their location. Return fees are always paid by James Allen.

Does The Warranty Cover Resizing?

The James Allen warranty does not cover size change charges; however, all James Allen rings come with 1 year free resizing time.

James Allen can resize your ring once for free within 1 year from when you bought it. Includes free return shipping as long as you are inside the United States or Canada.

If you are an international customer, you will have to pay a small shipping fee of $50.

The resizing policy states that any small size or material adjustment requirements are covered and you do not have to pay any extra money for these partial changes.

If you need any further resizing, you may have to pay a small fee depending on the metal of your ring. Apart from this, the return service is free, except if you are an international customer.

Does The Warranty Cover Cleaning/Polishing?

James Allen’s warranty covers cleaning and polishing service for your ring or any other type of jewelry. It is lifetime so you can use James Allen jewelry cleaning service worry free as long as you use jewelry pieces from the company.

Does The Warranty Cover Repairs?

James Allen’s warranty does not cover any repairs, although they can do repair services for a small fee depending on the need for repair work. James Allen will provide service for the rest of your life but it will not be free.

Does The Warranty Cover Lost or Stolen Jewelry?

The James Allen Warranty does not cover any type of jewelry lost or stolen under any circumstances. This can only be covered if your jewelry hasn’t arrived at your disposal, meaning it hasn’t been delivered, or it’s lost in transport due to a shipping error.

Does The Warranty Cover Loose Stones?

James Allen Warranty may be updated to apply to loose diamonds. It must also contain that the diamond was purchased exclusively from James Allen.

If there is a loose diamond that has been bought from James Allen, it can be replaced with 100% credit.

 And this credit can then be used later to replace a diamond that has been upgraded to a value of at least 2 times or more. It should have an original laboratory grading document and should be original and in good condition.

It should be kept in mind that the stone should not suffer much. If any tear or wear marks are found in it then it will be rejected.

Does The Warranty Cover Re-Dipping?

James Allen’s warranty does not cover the re-dipping as part of your free offer, although you can accept these maintenance services for your jewelry, as long as you pay a fee indicated by their repair service specialists.

How Long is the Warranty?

Both James Allen’s free warranty and the ability to get your jewelry repaired extend to the entire lifetime of the company’s jewelry purchaser of James Allen.

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