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James Allen Resizing Policy (2024 Explained)

Looking to know about James Allen’s Resizing Policy ? 

You’re in the right place!

This article will explain or discuss:

  • How Long Does James Allen Take to Resize a Ring?
  • How Much Does James Allen Charge to Resize Rings?
  • Are Ring Resizing Covered Under Any Warranty With James Allen?

And much more !

James Allen Resizing Policy

How Long Does James Allen Take to Resize a Ring?

It is a bit difficult to answer this question as the resizing time depends on what type of modification you want.

Although according to most James Allen customers, you will usually get your ring in a few weeks.

Pro Tip For You

If you want to speed up the process of resizing and do it as fast as possible then you should tell James Allen customer care that your wedding is coming, they will return your ring to you within 1 week. 

How Much Does James Allen Charge to Resize Rings?

James Allen gives you full coverage for 1 year for any type of resizing. It means you don’t have to pay a single penny for ring resizing.

But this policy is only for your first resizing request, if you want additional modification then you have to pay an extra fee.

See the table below about resizing charges for second time:

Rose Gold$25

If you’re living in the United States, you’ll be charged a $30 shipment fee, and $50 if you’re living internationally.

So, Is It Worth to Get Your Ring Resized With James Allen?

If you resize your ring from any local jeweler, they take around 50 to $100. Even if you have passed the period of 1 year, you can still save your money by using James Allen as compared to local jeweler.

Are Ring Resizing Covered Under Any Warranty With James Allen?

James Allen sells all rings for 1 year resizing warranty. You don’t have to pay a single penny on resizing no matter how expensive or cheap you buy the ring from James Allen. This policy applies on all rings.

This policy is also available for international orders, you just have to pay shipment charge.

How Do You Start The Resizing Process?

James Allen makes this Resizing Process absolutely easy. You will need to call James Allen’s customer service on the phone to begin this process.

James Allen works with FedEx, All you have to do is submit the ring and once your ring arrives at James Allen’s office. They will also start the resizing process and let you know when your when it’s ready to be shipped back.

And the good news is that return shipping is free on James Allen even if your 1-year free resizing period has expired.

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Have There Been Issues With James Allen Resizing?

James Allen offers a good resizing policy to understand every type of customer’s dilemma but some customers say that resizing is taking too long and James Allen didn’t even give them a one-time estimate of how long when the ring would be done. 

This is usually the most commonly reported problem of James Allen in terms of ring sizing.

And many people have said that many times ring resizing was done by James Allen and then they got the right ring resizing.

James Allen sells a lot of rings, some people have negative reviews too. But James Allen always tries to complete their work for their customers in the shortest possible time.

Should You Get Your Ring Resized With James Allen?

James Allen has a very good reputation when it comes to ring resizing, they works very quickly and tries to give back your ring as fast as possible, they will do ring resizing free for you for 1 year and do not charge any charge money and even after 1 year their resizing cost is very less.

If you want to get your ring resized very quickly, you can also consider a local jeweler, they will be a bit expensive but they will save shipping time of three to four days compared to James Allen.

In the end I would just say to you that you should get the ring resizing on James Allen although the process of online resizing was very difficult but James Allen has made it very easy.

If you use James Allen then you will not face any kind of problem.

And if you haven’t bought a ring on James Allen yet, there’s a deal going on on James Allen. Make sure to check it out you can get a free ring.

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