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James Allen Financing & Credit Card? (2024 Updated)

Are you planning to buy your favorite jewelry or diamond rings at James Allen?

But you do not have enough money at the moment to buy jewelry by paying at once.

How good if you get finance on James Allen?

In today’s article, we will talk in depth about James Allen’s finance program.

Let’s get started!

Does James Allen Offer a Credit Card?

At present, James Allen does not offer any store-specific cards to its customers for financing,but accepts other cards such as LJC and other reliable credit cards.

James Allen offers financing options through the LJC credit card program. The LJC credit card program works with multiple different jewelry retailers to allow customer flexible financing and payment options.

This LJC credit card is all you need if you want to finance a James Allen ring. Apart from this, you can also use this credit card at other jewelry retailers and stores that partner with the LJC credit card program.

What Are the Requirements?

Like most credit cards, your credit score should be high enough to start going for the James Allen financing option.

  • A credit score that meets the credit card issuer’s minimum criteria.
  • Must have a stable source of income

What Credit Score Do You Need for James Allen?

If your credit score is 600 then you will have a better chance for the James Allen finance program. But if your credit score is above 700 then your chances are very high that your finance will be approved.

How Do You Sign Up For James Allen Finance Program?

You can sign up by going to the finance page of James Allen, there you have to apply and you will get a notification in your email box, once James Allen see whether you are eligible or not for their finance program. 

If your application is approved for finance then you can use it.

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Does James Allen Offer Any Monthly Payment Plans?

Yes, James Allen offers two options for a monthly payment plan. If you have a credit card of LJC then you can avail both the payment plans without any bother.

Let’s take a look at both the plans below in detail:

1) 6 Months Payment Plan

If you want a 6 months monthly plan then you have to shop for a minimum $1000. You will not need to pay any interest.

2) 24 Months Payment Plan

If you have a credit card from LJC then you are eligible for a 24 months monthly payment plan. Although you have to shop for a minimum of $2000, then you are eligible for this plan And your credit will also be seen as how much is with the James Allen, only then it will be approved.

You can also use other credit cards at James Allen like Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express. 

At present, the James Allen 24 months payment plan accepts only and only LJC credit cards on its engagement rings.

I would request you to visit James Allen’s Financing page and see the guideline because it keeps changing from time to time.

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