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James Allen Customer Service Good Or Bad? (2023 Review)

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This article will explain or discuss:

  • Is James Allen Customer Service Good?
  • Does James Allen Provide Any Free Diamond Advice?
  • How To Contact James Allen Customer Service By Phone?

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Is James Allen Customer Service Good?

James Allen’s customer service team is generally regarded as adequate, if not extraordinary. They offer a variety of ways to contact their specialists and also provide an unmatched diamond inspection service that others in the industry can’t compete with. 

Many sites have seen that customers have been really happy with their service from all types of service outlets including phone, online chat and email. Although without any doubt there are some complaints but it is not more than those comments and reviews which are positive and in favor of James Allen.

James Allen And The Better Business Bureau

The most close and unbiased rating you can find regarding James Allen customer service is the company’s ranking in the Better Business Bureau.

The Better Business Bureau is a website that collects user feedback and information about the business automatically. It then looks at the information collected and grades both these things from A to F letter.

A business that has been officially recognized by the BBB is generally known as trustworthy. Although of course a BBB rating is not necessarily a guarantee of a business or its liability and performance.

Nevertheless, James Allen has received an A+ rating from the BBB which greatly enhances confidence and the business quality and customer service capabilities. 

It is BBB’s A+ rating which means other business review sites have not registered enough customer complaints to question James Allen’s performance and service. It is a good sign that James Allen makes a very good and unique effort to provide the customer at all levels of business transactions.

If you want to get a good idea of ​​what customers really have to say about James Allen, you can take a look at the review page on James Allen’s official website, but still, let’s put it as follows: It has been done that you get to see more positive reviews than negative reviews.

If you want to get a more balanced idea of ​​what customers have to say about the company, you can check out the Yelp page to hear the real

Does James Allen Customer Service Provide Any Free Diamond Advice?

James Allen provides one of the very best real time diamond service, diamond inspection services which has no match as compared to other jewelers in the industry. For this, you can visit the Diamond Consultation page of James Allen’s website to see how the whole process can be operated.

You will go inside the gallery of diamonds and then click on diamond infection on the screen. And then provide your personal information to start chatting with experts. There is no commission for export and these are trained gemologists who are available 24 hours and 7 days. No appointment is required to get their advice.

The entire process is interchangeable and gives you the opportunity to create notes or highlight the details of your diamond inspection that you want to focus on while a diamond expert chats with you in real time.

You will get a chance to see all the specifications of the diamond selected by you and you will be given a grading report with experts for the diamond. It gives a chance to the gemologist to answer any type of immediate question.

You can perform this diamond inspection service at any time on any platform whether it is a laptop, a traditional desktop or a tablet with smooth video functionality. This service is a great way to be sure you’re buying the best diamonds for your needs and getting a quality product that’s been meticulously tested and will last for many years of use.

How To Contact James Allen Customer Service By Phone?

Can You Do It?

James Allen’s customer service is available 24 hours and 7 days non-stop. For this, you can use two numbers, 1 for those customers who are from the United States and second for those customers who are outside the United States.

The first phone number is 877-826-9866 and the outside US number is 1-301-631-1414. You can easily get both these numbers on the James Allen customer service page.

Available Hours?

You can reach out to James Allen for assistance anytime as James Allen’s customer care service is available 24 by 7.

Is It Helpful?

According to most user reviews, the phone service provided by James Allen is successful. They can usually answer the most common questions, such as directing you to a website or asking about a discount or future sales. In addition, their phone team can answer further questions regarding returns, company policies or financing.

How To Contact James Allen Customer Service By Email?

Can You Do It?

You can speak to the James Allen customer service team via email by emailing to [email protected] by making an email request or query. Emails can be sent at any time of the day or night. But it may take time to reply to emails depending on the traffic or current events.

At the  time of company sales or other high traffic, then the James Allen customer service team can take a long time to respond to you if you look at other customer service options such as phone and online chats which are faster than email.

Available Hours?

You can email the James Allen email team at any time but your email will be answered within two business days. Business days include from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday are not counted as business days.

This means if you send an email on Friday, then you will get its response not on Monday but on Wednesday according to business days.

Is It Helpful?

If you want fast customer service from James Allenl then phone or online chat will be a good option and you will get a chance to talk to an expert in a few hours. If you use the option of phone or online chat but you will get a late reply to emails by the customer service team.

But email provides you a good opportunity to explain the answer in detail to you by the customer service specialist or the question you have asked. Additionally, the customer service specialist can end your phone or online chat session and provide you with an in depth answer in emails.

You will receive any of your inquiries via email to check the status of shipments or returns.

All in all, email can be very profitable and very slow if the other two customer service actions are taken into account. Apart from this, if you did not receive the complete clarification in the email, then you cannot immediately ask any further questions and get an immediate answer.

How To Contact James Allen Customer Service By Chat?

Can You Do It?

You can also approach James Allen customer service with online chat. For this you have to answer some questions like filling in your name and email address. By sending an email to James Allen, it will be able to send you newsletter, any other special offer as well as any discount codes that can be applied for holiday and sale seasons.

Once you activate the instant chat session, you will be in contact with a member of the James Allen customer service team.

They will cooperate closely with you to answer your question and or else provide you with further contact information if they are not able to answer your question.

Available Hours?

Like other 2 customer services, James Helen’s online chat team is also available 24 by 7. However, at night time or those hours that do not follow the US time scale standard. At that time you may get to see a long wait because of their work employees and those working hours.

Is It Helpful?

This service can be very beneficial to get fast answers especially for simple questions. In addition, online chatting will assist you by taking you to James Allen’s website and taking you to a particular page showing you the way so that you can choose the perfect product and diamond for your need.

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