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Are James Allen Diamonds Conflict Free? (2023 Detailed Analysis)

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  • Does James Allen Source Conflict Free Diamonds?
  • Where does James Allen Source Its Diamonds?
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Does James Allen Source Conflict Free Diamonds?

Yes James Allen source conflict free diamonds, they guarantee to sell conflict free diamonds and they have a strict policy too regarding conflict free diamonds. You can read their conflict free diamond policy here.

James Allen claims that every Diamond they sell meets United States and International guidelines and says they also follow the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. 

Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) is an international standard that was passed by the United Nations to prevent the illegal trade of diamonds.

Whichever country has agreed to this agreement, then it is applicable to them that diamond which is coming in one of their countries should be conflict free. These rules also apply to polished diamonds.

Any company that is selling diamonds in the US will sell it according to these regulations. If they source their diamonds in conflict zones, they are inviting themselves to heavy fines and legal action.

Where does James Allen Source Its Diamonds?

James Allen orders his diamonds from different countries. So it’s hard to tell where the diamond exactly came from.

They are not telling on their website from where they source Diamond . If you want information about it, then you will have to do some effort to go about different sources of the company and web.

They also do business with Canada Mark Diamonds, these are the diamonds that are extracted from Canadian mines where the quality and standard are high as compared to other countries. 

James Allen also provides a lot of lab created diamonds on their website. If you are worried that you want a completely conflict-free diamond then you can also buy this lab created diamond, these diamonds are environmentally friendly and also very affordable compared to natural diamonds.

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How to check if James Allen Jewelry Is Conflict Free?

It can be difficult to assert that the diamonds are from a conflict free zone. But there are some steps so that you can learn more about the diamond you have bought.

If you’re worried about the source of your diamonds, you can connect with James Allen directly and ask where he bought them.

They have a chat option on the product page which will help you in chatting with the customer service. You can also call for this job and ask customer service agent about the company’s sources.

You should ask them which country the diamond came from. There are many places where ethical jewelers refuse to search for diamonds such as Zimbabwe, Angola, Liberia and Democratic Republic of Congo. Countries that maintains good reputation are Canada, Namibia and Botswana.

It may not always work because they will give you more biased information without any genuine and sure certificate. You will get to know about the source of diamond but you have to believe only what they say, maybe less.

The agents working in customer service may just read the Conflicts Free Diamond Policy to you completely from the website which will give you some new information.

If you need more information about James Allen Diamonds without any bias, you can read more about the different Conflicts Free Diamond Organizations. However, James Allen did not see any such complaint which is a good sign that they are a conflicts free seller of Diamonds.

Nor is there any such legal record of him in which the US agency has closed its diamond trade. This is a good sign and shows that James Allen has been following United States and international rules for a long time.

Will You Get Conflict-Free Diamonds From James Allen?

It is difficult to find the source of every single diamond. Even with very respectable sellers, you have to believe where the diamonds have come from, according to the words they say. Diamond certificates tell about the quality and not the original source of the stone.

Keeping this in mind, it is said that James Allen has excellent reputation when it comes to sourcing diamonds. He promises to follow the Kimberley Process and claims he does not work with any government to fund Conflicts selling diamonds. He also has no complaints from the organizations that fight for Conflicts Free Diamonds.

If you don’t trust them then you can also get diamonds from CanadaMark where they sell. CanadaMark is the most respected source in the industry. If you buy from them, you will know exactly where the diamond was sourced from and also know whether the diamond is conflict free or not.

Apart from this, you can also choose from Lab Grown Diamonds which guarantee that the Diamond you buy is Conflict Free


James Allen gives great care and expertise to finding and sourcing diamonds. James Allen is a trusted jeweler. Lots of people in the world are happy to buy diamonds from James Allen. 

If you’re looking for a conflict free diamond, James Allen is a reputable source. And don’t worry, you will only invest your money in 100% conflict free diamonds by buying them at James Allen.

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