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How To Pick A Good Diamond On James Allen (2023 Guide)

How To Pick A Good Diamond On James Allen

Looking to know How To Pick A Good Diamond On James Allen ?

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This article will explain or discuss:

  • How To Pick A Good Diamond On James Allen
  • Some Tips For Choosing A Diamond With James Allen Customer Service
  • And much more!

Ready? Let’s get started!

“Select A Ring” Program and how to use it

James Allen provides an excellent service when it comes to buying a ring or a diamond. It is so easy and simple that anyone can do it. Let’s see how it works step by step:

Step One

First of all you have to go to james allen.com then there you will see some kind of scene which is visible in the photo given below.

Step Two

The website has already been opened, now you have to go to the Engagement Rings and after going there, select any of the “Start with” selections.

Step Three

Now in such a situation, we should be more focused towards buying diamonds, so we will select “Start with a diamond”.

Step Four

Once you have clicked on “Start with Start a Diamond”, you will see a screen like the one shown below.

Now here you have to enter all the parameters according to the need of your diamond. For example, if you are looking for a good diamond like you, then we set everyone on the higher option. We will find very nice diamonds in this range. So let’s find diamonds in the $7000 range

Step Five

Now you have to set the filters according to your budget and with need like in the photo below $7000 is set

There is no other place where you can choose your diamond so well James Allen offers a wide variety of options so that you can choose your diamond according to different parameters

If you want to get a good diamond then set the parameters like this

  • Color: Set beyond H
  • Clarity: Set beyond VS2
  • Cut: Set beyond Ideal
  • Carat: Set beyond .90 for an engagement ring.

Otherwise, you can set them according to your choice.

Use James Allen Customer Service For Picking Diamond

If you are not able to find a good diamond then James Allen customer service can also help you. James Allen’s customer service is always available and you can answer any question by calling or online chat or get the complete process done through customer service.

They will tell you or do your own customization, ordering or any other query you may have.

Now you know how to choose not only a good diamond for James Allen, but a great one as well. So try not to worry too much, the guys at James Allen have you covered every step of the way. They have really great policies to support all of this.

Final Words

Now you have understood how to choose a good diamond on James Allen’s website. So you don’t need to worry too much. James Allen can cover every single thing very precisely to make their customer happy. They also have some really cool return policies to back them all.

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