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Green Gemstones: List Of Names, Meanings & Pictures (Complete Guide)

In the world of gemstones, there are many different types of gemstones available.

Today we’re highlighting Green gemstones in this article.

This blog post will cover all popular types of Green gemstones. In this blog post, we will explore Green gemstones and their meaning in detail. 

Let’s get started!

List Of Green Gemstones

1. Green Garnet

The garnet family of gems may be your best bet if you’re looking for a green gem with a lot of sparkle. Granits are available in every color; however, green is a popular choice. This January birthstone is most recognized for its brownish red tones. Green garnets are known by different names depending on their chemistry. Green grossular garnets come in two colors: lighter mint and deeply colored tsavorites. Tsavorites, a popular choice among jewelers, have a beautiful color and, when cut well, can produce a great deal of sparkle.

What is the meaning of Green Garnet?

Green Garnet is a symbol of growth, This stone is also believed to clear all the negative energy from heart chakra and rejuvenate new life. It’s strong color green represent earth

2. Emerald

Emerald is the most popular green gemstone on the planet. It is the source of many legends and well-known jewelry designs. May’s birthstone is probably scratch-resistant, with a hardness of 7.5 to 8. Some may be surprised that emerald does not make an excellent ring stone like sapphire or ruby. Because emeralds’ crystal structure is always imperfect, they are prone to shattering if they fall on a table by accident. Emeralds are frequently treated with oil to improve their appearance.

What is the meaning of Emerald?

Emerald signifies growth and new beginnings. In earlier times, This stone was said to have healing powers like good luck and success.

Additionally., It is also associated with love and passion, making it a perfect fit for engagement rings.

3. Green Tourmaline

Verdelite, another name for green tourmaline, is a good option if you’d rather a faceted stone. In addition to being more affordable and durable than emeralds, these gems can be larger and have superior clarity. This contemporary October birthstone is a popular option for an emerald substitute and is frequently set in an emerald cut.

Naturally, chrome tourmaline is a rarer stone with excellent color. Although these gems cost a little more than verdelites, the vivid green hues make the difference. The same rare element that gives emeralds their color, chromium, is the source of their color.

What is the meaning of Green Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is said to promote balance in one’s life. This stone brings inner peace by removing negative energy around a person. Additionally, it is said to boost creativity and self confidence.

4. Peridot

The current August birthstone comes from volcanoes. When some volcanoes erupt, peridots are thrown into the air and land close by. Pallasite meteorites can even be used to recover peridots in space.

Although these yellow-green gems are inexpensive and in high demand as jewelry stones, their durability isn’t the best. In addition to being susceptible to acids and abrupt temperature changes, peridots can break if dropped on the wrong side.

What is the meaning of Peridot?

Peridot is known as a stone of compassion. This stone is believed to bring good health and peace into one’s life. This green stone has a power to promote creativity and good cheer.

5. Green Chrysoberyl

The most well-known uses of the mineral chrysoberyl are as the traditional yellow cat’s eye gem and as its color-changing variety, alexandrite. Yet did you know that it also comes in green? There are several places to find lovely mint green chrysoberyls, but the market for these gems is not very large. Still, a well-cut green chrysoberyl will shine brilliantly and be a wonderful ring stone.

What is the meaning of Chrysoberyl?

Chrysoberyl is believed to bring clarity, keenness, and most importantly, strength to the person who wears it. This stone is believed to aid decision-making. This stone is a powerful healing stone.

6. Prehnite

Apple green prehnite, though rarely transparent, can create intriguing cabochons. The faceted translucent stones that some lapidaries use have a velvety, gentle appearance. This gemstone has a Mohs hardness of 6 to 6.5, so it is not very scratch resistant, but cutting it can be difficult due to its cleavage.

What is the meaning of Prehnite?

Prehnite is associated with both healing and spiritual properties. It promotes inner peace and balance. Some people also believe that this stone has some psychic abilities to promote connection with higher realms.

7. Green Sapphire

Sapphire is most commonly found in blue, but it also occurs in green. Green sapphire is an excellent material for an everyday ring, even though green stones hardly ever attain saturated hues. Sapphires are among the hardest gemstones to wear through an engagement ring. Pure grass greens are less common than olive, mint, and yellow greens. Moreover, “mermaid” colors like green and blue are in. The finest aspect, though? Since green hues are less common than blue, they are also less costly!

What is the meaning of the Green Sapphire?

Both healing and spiritual properties are associated with Green Sapphire. This stone is said to bring balance and harmony in one’s life. Additionally, it is believed to heal the heart both physically and emotionally.

Furthermore, some people believe that it helps in decision making and communication making it a good chocie for leaders.

8. Chrome Diopside

One of the green gemstones most frequently used in costume jewelry is chrome diopside. Because of its popularity, you might not even realize that it’s one of the newest gems on the market. A large amount of this content comes from a discovery in eastern Siberia in 1988. Chrome diopside has recently started to be produced in Pakistan.

What is the meaning of Chrome Diopside?

Chrome Diopside symbolizes both healing and spiritual properties a sit helps in balancing the emotions and promotes inner peace. It helps to bring prosperity into your life. It connect you with the nature and natural world.

9. Moldavite

Moldavite jewelry is something you should think about if you’re into olive greens or everything alien. This green gemstone is actually a naturally occurring glass that is formed during some impacts by meteorites. Some of the surrounding rock is liquefied by the meteorite’s impact and is propelled into the atmosphere. (Imagine liquid rock instead of water—just like when a stone hits it!) Glass is formed when the liquid cools and returns to the earth.

What is the meaning of the Moldavite?

Moldavite is a symbol of growth and transformation. Some people believe that it is associated with chakras that help in personal growth and development.


Whether you are looking for a symbol of growth or new beginning, this stone is believed to bring luck and prosperity. Add a touch of green to your jewelry by getting a stone like sapphire, turquoise or many more.


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