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Does James Allen Negotiate? (2023 Updated)

Does James Allen Negotiate

When it comes to buying an engagement ring or diamonds you want to make sure that you are getting the best possible deals and price. This is why so many people turn to James Allen.

Because they know that they will be able to find a quality diamond at a fair price on James Allen. So what about negotiations on James Allen?

Many people think that they need to negotiate with James Allen in order to get a good price on their diamond, but this isn’t exactly the case. 

James Allen never negotiates. What they do is to compare the price of a diamond of equal quality to other manufacturer’s price. James Allen meticulously selects their diamonds and carefully tries to find equal quality and brings out the best of the quality and provides guarantee as well.

James Allen’s Promise

You can rest easy knowing that James Allen is here to give you the best price. They’ve got a wide variety of options to choose for any buyer, and they won’t beat their own offers either.

Price Match Guarantee

The best thing about James Allen is that it gives price match guarantee to its customers. Price match guarantee applies to some loose diamonds. this feature helps us cutting down the cost considerably.

We have to find a comparable diamond to have a price match comparison. It will be all the good if we have a grade or certificate displaying the price. Our asking price must be inline with current market value rate.

Some types of diamonds such as colorful diamonds and true hearts do not qualify to be eligible for this program. Similarly pawnshops and similar stores do not qualify as well.

However, if you have liked any diamond and you are finding its price higher on the website of James Allen, then you should send email to James Allen, they will reply to you within 48 hours and try to give you that same quality diamond at the same price where you see.

Who Does Negotiate?

Other online retailers such as Blue Nile also have similar programs when buying diamonds from them.

Buying a diamond is not just like buying items from grocery or general stores, here quality matters a lot. it is the ultimately quality that has importance.

If you want to get a little bit of negotiation then you contact manager or high ranking associate of the diamond store and you will get a reasonable rebate only when you have to point out the weakness and substandard demerit of the diamond.

Diamond buying is a very tricky job, you do a lot of hard work to get a quality diamond at good price. To make things easy on this online stores like James Allen have been made they provide reasonable quality diamonds at low price on their website.


In the end I will tell you that James Allen lists diamonds and other jewelry at the best prices on their website. Their prices are usually much less than other online retailers, you will not even need to negotiate.

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