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Clean Origin Military Discount (2023 Updated)

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Clean Origin Military Discount

In a world where fashion trends come and go, one brand stands tall, not just for its exquisite jewelry, but also for its unwavering commitment to honoring those who serve. Clean Origin, a reputable jewelry brand founded in 2017, is on a mission to illuminate the jewelry industry’s path towards a brighter and more ethical future. Along this noble journey, Clean Origin has extended a heartfelt gesture to the brave hearts who safeguard our nation. Active-duty military personnel and veterans are being offered exclusive military discounts on their purchases, making Clean Origin a beacon of respect and gratitude towards those who risk their lives for our safety.

Does Clean Origin Offer Military Discount?

Clean Origin is a brand that genuinely appreciates the selfless courage of our military heroes. They offer an exclusive military discount as a testament to their gratitude. For every jewelry purchase over $500, Clean Origin proudly knocks off $50 from the total. However, the gesture becomes even grander when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring with a Lab Created Diamond over $1,000. On such a momentous occasion, veterans and active-duty military members are entitled to a substantial $150 discount, adding a touch of elegance and emotion to their special moments.

How To Get Clean Origin Military Discount?

Claiming the military discount from Clean Origin is an effortless and streamlined process, ensuring a smooth experience for valued customers:

  1. Visit Clean Origin’s Website: Military personnel and veterans need to visit Clean Origin’s website.
  2. Locate “Get Offer”: Locate the “Get Offer” button on the website.
  3. Verification via ID.me: A simple click will lead you through a quick verification process via ID.me. This step confirms your military status and ensures eligibility for the discount.
  4. Rare Absence of “Get Offer” Button: In the rare instance where the “Get Offer” button is absent, shoppers can proceed with their purchase and find the “Verify with ID.me” option during the checkout process.
  5. Valid ID.me Account: All that’s required to unlock this special discount is a valid ID.me account, which is both simple and free to register.

Additional Discounts: Celebrating Heroes in Various Fields

Apart from honoring military members, Clean Origin extends its appreciation to other real-life superheroes as well. The brand offers a Nurse Discount, acknowledging the tireless efforts of healthcare professionals who selflessly serve humanity. Furthermore, shoppers can explore the Top Selling page, where they can discover remarkable jewelry pieces at incredibly affordable prices. Additionally, staying connected through the Clean Origin Newsletter opens doors to daily insights, news on fresh arrivals, exclusive deals, and captivating offers.

Final Thoughts

Clean Origin’s military discounts embody the brand’s core values of respect, gratitude, and social responsibility. The brand’s unwavering commitment to the heroes who protect us at home and abroad is commendable. As the jewelry industry evolves towards a more responsible and ethical future, Clean Origin leads the way by embracing the true essence of heroism and celebrating the spirit of service that lights up our lives.

So, for the brave souls who have dedicated themselves to safeguarding our nation, Clean Origin’s military discounts serve as a small but meaningful token of appreciation – a glimmer of gratitude in the shimmering world of fine jewelry.

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