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Best Time To Buy On Brilliant Earth (Sales Dates 2023)

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  • When does Brilliant Earth have sales?
  • How often does Brilliant Earth have sales?
  • Some Tips For Shopping on Brilliant Earth sales?

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What does Brilliant Earth Sale include?

Brilliant Earth typically doesn’t offer discounts or sales for engagement rings, wedding rings, and similar high-end jewelry. However, they sometimes have special deals for diamond earrings and other fine jewelry.

Brilliant Earth is known for selling really good diamonds, specifically those rated as J color and better, SI2 clarity and better, and with a Fair cut or higher. They were also one of the first jewelry stores to use blockchain technology to track where their diamonds come from and who owns them. This means you can be sure their diamonds are sourced responsibly.

Best Time to Shop at Brilliant Earth

Here are the best times to shop at Brilliant Earth, along with some tips on saving money and the expected waiting time for your order:

New Year’s Day: Brilliant Earth often offers special promotions and bonuses on New Year’s Day. Keep an eye out for deals and discounts around this time.

Presidents Day: Look for sales and promotions on Presidents Day. It’s a good opportunity to shop for jewelry at a reduced price.

Black Friday: Black Friday is famous for its big discounts and deals. Brilliant Earth typically participates, so be sure to check for jewelry sales on this day.

Cyber Monday: Following Black Friday, Cyber Monday is another great day for online shopping. Brilliant Earth may offer online promotions, making it an ideal time to browse their collections.

Labor Day: Labor Day sales can also be advantageous for shoppers. Keep an eye out for Brilliant Earth’s special offers on this holiday.

To save even more money when shopping at Brilliant Earth, consider using online rebates and cash back offers available through platforms like Rakuten. These can help you get some money back from your purchases.

When it comes to the waiting time for your order, here’s what you can expect:

Diamond Ring Preparation: When you order a diamond ring from Brilliant Earth, it typically takes about two to four weeks for them to prepare it for shipping. However, the exact time can vary depending on factors such as the specific ring you’ve chosen and the level of customization involved.

Brilliant Earth will provide you with an estimated time frame for when your item will be ready for shipping. It’s a good idea to plan accordingly if you have a specific occasion or date in mind for receiving your jewelry.

Some Pro Tips for Shopping On Brilliant Earth

Diamond Shape Matters: Pick a diamond shape that’s not round to save up to 40% on your purchase.

Recycled Diamonds: Consider getting a recycled diamond. These diamonds have been used before but have been reworked and polished.

Trade-In Option: You can exchange your jewelry for a new one at a discounted rate based on the materials from your old piece.

Color Choices: Opt for diamonds with G, H, or I color grades. They look just as good as D color diamonds but are much more budget-friendly.


To sum up, if you want to shop smart at Brilliant Earth:

  • Keep an eye out for deals on special days like New Year’s, Presidents Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Labor Day.
  • Consider using online rebates and cash back offers to save more.
  • Remember that Brilliant Earth usually doesn’t offer discounts on engagement and wedding rings but may have deals on other jewelry.
  • Be patient, as it can take a few weeks to prepare your diamond ring.

So, happy shopping and enjoy your beautiful jewelry from Brilliant Earth!

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