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Brilliant Earth Military Discount (2023 Updated)

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Brilliant Earth Military Discount

Brilliant Earth is renowned for its commitment to ethically sourced and environmentally responsible jewelry. Among the many perks offered by the company is a hidden gem for service members – the Brilliant Earth Military Discount. While not publicly advertised on their website, the company does offer a special discount for military personnel

Does Brilliant Earth Offer Military Discount?

Brilliant Earth is committed to supporting those who serve in the military. While this discount isn’t publicly advertised on their website, it’s available for service members who inquire. The process to unlock this special discount is straightforward. However, the first step is reaching out to Brilliant Earth’s customer service team to inquire about the military discount. They will provide you with the necessary details to proceed.

How To Get Brilliant Earth Military Discount

Discovery of the Military Discount:

A. Not Publicly Promoted:

The first thing to understand about Brilliant Earth’s Military Discount is that it’s not openly promoted on their website or in their marketing materials. You won’t stumble upon it while browsing their online store. This means that service members need to take a proactive approach to discover and access this special offer.

B. Reach Out to Customer Service:

The key to unlocking the Brilliant Earth Military Discount is reaching out to their dedicated customer service team. This step cannot be stressed enough. You can do this through various contact channels provided on their website, such as email or phone. Alternatively, they may have a dedicated page or contact form specifically for military inquiries. When you contact Brilliant Earth’s customer service, inquire about the military discount and express your interest in accessing it. They will guide you through the process and provide you with all the necessary information.

Activation Process:

A. Contact Brilliant Earth Customer Service:

Once you’ve decided to explore the Military Discount, your first action is to initiate contact with Brilliant Earth’s customer service team. This can typically be done via email, phone, or through their website’s contact form. It’s important to clearly state your intent to inquire about the Military Discount in your initial communication.

B. Provide Valid Military ID:

To qualify for the Military Discount, you’ll need to prove your military affiliation. This is usually done by providing a valid military ID, such as a military service card or a common access card (CAC). Make sure your ID is up-to-date and valid to ensure a smooth activation process.

C. Discount for Two Rings:

The Brilliant Earth Military Discount typically applies to the purchase of two rings. This is especially advantageous for couples planning to buy both an engagement ring and a wedding ring. The discount can result in substantial savings, making it an attractive option for those looking for high-quality, ethical jewelry.

D. Collaboration Option:

Brilliant Earth recognizes that not all service members may be in a position to purchase two rings themselves. As a thoughtful feature, they allow military members to collaborate with others to collectively enjoy the Military Discount. This means that if you have friends or family members who are also interested in purchasing rings, you can pool your resources and benefit from the discount together.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Brilliant Earth’s commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices extends to its support for service members through the Military Discount. While not prominently advertised, this exclusive offer is available to those who inquire directly with Brilliant Earth’s customer service team.

By leveraging this discount, service members can not only enjoy significant savings but also be part of a movement towards ethical and sustainable jewelry. So, whether you’re planning an engagement, a wedding, or simply looking for beautiful jewelry, Brilliant Earth is a stellar choice for military members and conscious consumers alike.

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