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Clean Origin Return Policy (2024 Explained)

Looking if Clean Origin offers any type of return policy to help you buy jewelry.

Coming from one of our other reviews of Clean Origin diamonds and want to learn more?

I’ve gone the extra mile to dig deep and uncover the most captivating Clean Origin return policy options of 2024. Why? Well, I wholeheartedly believe in your journey to find that perfect return solution, and I don’t want you to end up with a less-than-stellar return policy from an unreliable source.

I went the extra mile for you, reaching out to real people who have actually utilized Clean Origin’s return policy for their purchases. Their valuable feedback has helped me compile this carefully crafted list of Clean Origin Return Policy Trends for 2024.

With utmost confidence, I assure you that after reading this article, you’ll have all the essential information you need to make a choice that feels just right for you. No more uncertainty or guesswork – I’ve got you covered with the latest and most exciting trends in the world of Clean Origin’s return policy.

Let’s get started!

Clean Origin Return Policy

Eligibility and Conditions for Returns

A. Generous 100-Day Return Window

Clean Origin provides customers with a 100-day window to make return decisions, ensuring ample time for consideration and evaluation.

B. Eligible Items for Return

Rings and Loose Lab Created Diamonds: Customers can return rings and loose lab-grown diamonds without any restrictions.

C. Exclusions from Return

Exchanged, Resized, Engraved, and Custom Pieces: Orders involving any of these alterations are considered final sale and are not eligible for returns.

Example: John purchased a loose lab-grown diamond from Clean Origin and later decided to exchange it for a larger one. Unfortunately, as it was a resized order, he could not initiate a return.

Process for Returns

A. Obtaining the Pre-Paid Return Shipping Label

Customers can initiate the return process by contacting Clean Origin via email at [email protected]. The company promptly provides customers with a pre-paid return shipping label, ensuring a hassle-free return experience.

B. Preparing the Purchase for Return

To facilitate a smooth return, customers are advised to include all original packaging and accompanying materials. It is vital to return the Lab Created diamond certificate with the item to avoid a $150 replacement fee. For resized items, retaining the original certificates and materials is essential.

Example: Emily received a pre-paid return shipping label from Clean Origin after deciding to return her lab-grown diamond necklace. She carefully packed the necklace in its original box and included the Lab Created diamond certificate to avoid any additional fees.

Insurance and Security

Insurance Availability

Clean Origin offers insurance for product returns or resizing, but it is applicable only if customers use the provided pre-paid label, apply the return code, and follow the provided instructions.

Secure Drop-off Locations

Customers are advised to drop off their return package at carrier staffed locations, such as FedEx stores, to ensure security. Packages dropped off at unstaffed drop boxes or non-official staffed locations may not be covered.

Example: Michael insured his lab-grown diamond ring during the return process, as he used the provided pre-paid label and followed the instructions to ensure maximum security.

Refund Process

Meticulous Inspection

Upon receipt of the returned item, Clean Origin’s Returns Department meticulously inspects the product. The unboxing process is recorded to maintain transparency.

Unique Micro-Etched Identifiers

Clean Origin’s Lab Created diamonds come with unique micro-etched identifiers that verify their authenticity during the return process.

Refund Issuance

Once the returned item is verified, which can take up to seven (7) business days, Clean Origin issues a refund for the original purchase price. Credit card refunds may take up to one billing cycle to appear on the customer’s statement.

Return Authorization Code and Timeframe

Obtaining the Return Shipping Authorization Code

To avoid complications during the return process, customers must obtain a return shipping authorization code from Clean Origin before shipping the item back.

Timeframe for Return Shipping

All returns must be shipped within 14 days of receiving the return authorization code.

Final Thoughts

Clean Origin’s “No Questions Asked” 100-Day Return Policy exemplifies their dedication to ensuring customer happiness. With a generous return window, pre-paid shipping labels, and secure insurance options, customers can shop with confidence, knowing they are covered at every step. Clean Origin’s commitment to transparency and authenticity verification ensures a seamless and worry-free shopping experience for all customers.

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