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Clean Origin Resizing (2024 Explained)

Curious about Clean Origin’s resizing for jewelry purchases?

Coming from one of our other reviews of Clean Origin diamonds and eager to explore more?

I’ve taken it upon myself to delve into the captivating world of Clean Origin’s resizing options for 2024. Why? Because your satisfaction matters, and I want to ensure you have all the information needed to make an informed decision about your jewelry purchase.

I’ve gone above and beyond, gathering insights from real customers who have experienced Clean Origin’s resizing services firsthand. Their valuable feedback has enabled me to create a meticulously crafted list of Clean Origin Resizing Trends for 2024.

With absolute certainty, I assure you that after reading this article, you’ll have all the essential information you need to choose the resizing option that perfectly aligns with your needs. Say goodbye to uncertainty or guesswork and embrace the confidence of having your jewelry perfectly sized by Clean Origin.

Let’s get started!

Clean Origin Resizing

Resizing Options for US and International Customers:

Clean Origin offers a comprehensive resizing policy for both their US and international customers. For US customers, they provide one complimentary ring resizing within 100 days of the original shipment date for standard ring styles. This generous offer comes with free shipping both ways, making it a stress-free experience for customers.

For international customers, Clean Origin offers resizing credits as follows: up to CA$100 for Canada, up to AUD$100 for Australia, and up to GBP£75 for the United Kingdom. The process involves contacting Clean Origin through email with the order number and receipt for resizing reimbursement.

Resizing Process and Turnaround Time:

The resizing process at Clean Origin is straightforward and efficient. Customers can initiate a resizing request by sending an email to [email protected], including the original order number, the desired ring size, and the shipping address (if different from the original order). Within 48 hours, Clean Origin’s experts will respond with the necessary paperwork, instructions, and a shipping label via email.

Most resizing can be completed within approximately two weeks. Given that Clean Origin ships all their rings with 3-day shipping, customers can expect their resized ring to arrive within 12 business days. The resized ring will be delivered in a new jewelry box, which is a thoughtful touch from Clean Origin. However, it’s important to note that the original box used for return will not be included.

In case of any unexpected delays, Clean Origin ensures prompt communication with the customer, providing an expected date of shipment.

Limitations and Considerations:

While Clean Origin strives to accommodate all resizing requests, some ring designs, such as Eternity Bands, may not be resizable after they have been built or may have a limited size range available. To ensure customers make the right choice, these items are clearly marked in the product description. Clean Origin’s dedicated team works closely with customers to ensure they order the correct size.

For customers who opt for engraving on their rings, Clean Origin recommends confirming the size before proceeding. Resizing after engraving might impact the integrity of the engraving, and Clean Origin wants to ensure that each ring remains as special as the moment it was created.

How Long Does It Take?

The time required for resizing depends on the complexity and style of the ring. Clean Origin typically takes 5-7 days for most rings, while certain styles may require up to two weeks due to additional work involved. Professional jewelers in general also take a similar timeframe to ensure the best results.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of ring resizing is influenced by a variety of factors, including material costs and labor fees. The price spectrum can be quite wide, with simple resizing jobs starting at around $20, while more intricate fixes may cost several hundred dollars.

Clean Origin, however, goes the extra mile to provide exceptional value to their customers. As part of their customer-centric policy, they offer one free ring resizing within 100 days of your purchase. This remarkable offer not only saves you money but also provides an invaluable peace of mind, especially if you find yourself in-between sizes for your cherished engagement ring. With Clean Origin, you can rest assured that they have your satisfaction at heart, making your ring resizing experience as smooth and worry-free as possible.

Resizing a Ring to Make It Larger:

Making a ring larger is more complex than making it smaller, and Clean Origin’s approach is meticulous. Instead of simply stretching the metal, which can damage the ring, Clean Origin cuts the metal band and adds more material. This process ensures a precise and secure fit. For rings with intricate designs and diamonds, Clean Origin’s expert jewelers work their magic to rearrange stones or add more diamonds, ensuring a seamless resize.

Informative Customer Support:

Clean Origin understands that customers may have questions or need guidance when it comes to ring sizes. To assist them, they offer a helpful customer support line (888-487-2145) where expert jewelry consultants are available to provide assistance and advice.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect fit for your precious ring is crucial, and Clean Origin stands tall in ensuring a seamless resizing experience. Their comprehensive resizing policy, expert jewelers, and dedicated customer support demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction. With Clean Origin, you can trust that your cherished ring will fit flawlessly, adding even more joy to your special moments.

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