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Charles And Colvard Vs True Gem: Which Is Better? (2024 Comparison)

Looking to know which is better between Charles Colvard Vs True Gem?

You’re at the right place!

This is our comparison of the Charles Colvard Vs True Gem.

In this article, I have reviewed both the brands in-depth and will fully explain to you which one is better.

Let’s get started with an in-depth look at what sets these brands apart.

1) History

Charles And Colvard

It is formed in 1995 by Charles under the name C3 Inc… and run by brothers Jeff hunter until the company change its name to Charles Colvard in 1999.

That company started there are  63 workers at the time at generated 33.4 million dollars in revenue during this year ending on 30 -2019 is from 27 dollars in the medical reservation. They gemstones are made in Silicon Carbide crystals and supplied under and exclusive agreement from fellow, not Carolina Company Group in excel 2004 in June 2019 after the company 10 million dollars from a secondary public offering per years. In March 2020 the company was not used to risk of being day listed on Nasdaq as the share price have been consistently below $1.

After the announcement game day software recorded that quarterly hearing can be included by 55.3 million dollars a day salary in 335000 dollar and Miglucel’s was  278,000 dollar.

True Gem

The true gem Diamond was discovered in Arizona 1893 by French scientist Henri Moisan. The quality of minded diamonds is not suitable for the purpose of jewelry.

It is not a diamond or not it is fake diamonds in the true gem moissanite and special gemstones True gem is the best Diamond company for producing diamonds in the production process of lab-grown diamonds is socially responsible and greatly reduce the negative environmental impact of traditional diamond mining and loss diamonds to be more of a table than over.

In the lab-grown diamonds and Earth-minded diamonds have identical physical chemical and optical properties they are same material carbon and they perform there the same way under the same conditions. Lab grown Diamonds Are cultivated through the same process as minor diamonds from the crystallization process of polishing by skilled diamond cutter around the earth.

2) Website Navigation

Charles And Colvard

Charles and Colvard is one of the best websites to design for customers. this website is designed to be easy to navigate with a clean and the simple layout they may navigation menu at the top of the page includes links to different sections outside such as rings change bracelet necklace earrings users can also browse the site by Diamond shapes metal price and price of the price range of this diamond in addition in research for located at the top the website where uses can use search the specific products for customers.

The chequered process is simple and Secure and customer service is easily accessible through a chat feature on the website email or phone .

Users can easily search our specific products in the navigation menu bar.

True Gem

The true gem is one of the websites is it saying to be user friendly and easy to navigate a specific product with a clean and simple layout in the main navigation menu are the top of the page can be included of the types of January they have in different sections they are ring stains wedding rings wedding chains wedding bands etc.

Find jewelry and diamond ring chains in the search is located at the left corner of the website when you search can easily browse the product and the price of the product in the website section.

Once you search any product if you show the original price of the product and any offer of the product can show the top of the corner. When users can find easily all the information about the products in the website.

The website can provide check out this shape of the diamond and metal type and price rate the check process is simple and Secure and customer service is easily accessible through a chat feature on the website email or phone number.

Overall in true gym is well designed for customers it is used in a friendly website to show and say the full details of our product one of the best online jewelry websites likes otherwise site jewelry.

Winner: Charles And Colvard is the  best website for using customers.

3) Quality

Charles And Colvard

Charles and colvard is a one of the best company for providing the customer with high quality diamonds define Jewelries is the company committed to searching for diamonds for responsible Minds that are committed to ethical and sustainable practices.

And also the company can be provides they complete and full detail about our product.

And the company provide the detail information about each diamond including its character weight color and clarity as well as information about the mine of origin and condition under mind.

And also the company as give your under percentage certification graduate and 30 days written policy which gives a customer to make purchase. The Charles company can provide a original and best  Diamond for customers.

True Gem

The true gem is also one of the best companies for providing original and best Diamond for customers. In the true gym lab grown Diamonds Are no different than other companies selling lab-grown diamonds. Will there have a 1.0 1h color, we vs2 clarity diamonds on true gem for 1750 dollars. The true gem is providing a customer with high-quality of diamonds and find jewelry.

The means of true gem diamonds are free from Human Rights abuses and environment degradation. The company as a 100% certificated 10 to 20 days written policy which a gives customer piece of mind making their purchases. The company diamonds are very high quality and the terms of colors and clarity.

The diamonds are selected and carefully inspected by gemologists to ensure that they meet a company I standard. And the company gives complete details as well as information about the mine of origin and condition under the mind from the Diamond.

Winner: Charles And Colvard is 100% one of the best companies for making diamond jewelry.

4) Store Location

Charles And Colvard

Charles and colvard company can located at the research triangle Park North Carolina. And the Diamond can be manufactured in North Carolina. Charles company can shipped the product for USA ,

United  Kingdom, London and other countries. And also Charles and colvard . Charles is the online diamond and find jewelry retailer and such as it does not have any physical stores in the company after the website or perfectly and a neatly for customers.

In the stores offer A comfortable will coming atmosphere and customer R acetated by friendly and knowledgeable staffs who can provide complete information about Assist they selection of perfect piece of jewelry. And also in the company can Shipped the product in many countries like USA , United Kingdom ,London etc.

True Gem

The company as several stores for locations across the United State UK London and Canada in the company main stores can location at San Francisco in California.

And also the true gem  17 showrooms in main countries and the serves customers in 50 countries worldwide. It is located in the union state neighborhood one of the most popular shopping area in the city and it is offer for customer it is a best opportunity to see and try on wide variety of vertically source the diamond and find jewelry in persons.

And also the true gem is the best  website can perfectly work for customers .and also the delivers a original product for the customers.

Winner: Charles And Colvards have a many storage location in many countries.

5) Pricing

Charles And Colvard

The Charles and colvard is approximately one tenth the coast of a mined diamond of equal size and quality . O’Connell says the value of moissanite is greater with larger carat weight.

The company offers a wide range of diamonds and fine jewelry at different price points, with engagement rings starting at around $600 and going up to tens of thousands of dollars for larger, higher quality diamonds in that company jewels are started at very low price .the rings can by $600 to $1000 dollars . And also the company complete details for products.

In that company provides a complete information for selected products.

The company also offers a variety of purchasing and payment options for buying products and its including financing ,to make it more affordable for customers to purchase the products.

True Gem

True gem can be provided a complete detail about all the products .and also give a price range for each products. The true gem company is approximately one tenth the coast of a mined diamond of equal size and quality .

The company provide online delivery for our products in free the company also offers a variety of purchasing and payment options for buying diamonds and also including a financing to make a affordable for customers to purchase the products.

The true gem company in the Rings are started from 500 to 1000 Dollars. And the company also provide a online delivery for customers. In that company engagement rings and chains are provided a dew designs. In the engagement chains are started in 2500 dollars.

And also in the company give a complete information about our products and give a detail about a clarity and price range of the product.

Winner: Charles And Colvard

6) Shipping

Charles And Colvard

The Charles and colvard  company is available to deliver a eligible location for an additional price on Limited time only. All orders are presents in distinctive fsc-certified packaging .

The company can shipping a products in all the country  like Canada ,UK ,Australia etc..

Because we make most items to order time from will very depart depending on the item ordered.

All orders a re shipped via FedEx and are scheduled to arrive on before the expected delivery date show in the order confirmation some orders are may arrive earlier than the expected delivery date if they are ready you will receive an email and confirmation once your order ships.

True Gem

True gem customers are get free and fast standard shipping on easy orders to most destinations worldwide. Expedited shipping methods can be purchased at checkout for an additional free. Most shipments within the United States ship via FedEx ,ups,or USPS service and require a signature upon delivery .

Customers also have the option to expedite their shipping for an additional free. True gem offers international shipping but additional fees and Taxes may be apply in the shipping times will very depending on the destination.

The company also offers in stores pick up for customers who live near on the manufacturing facilities in our countries . And the true gem  Company can provide complete details for Orders and shipping products.

Winner: Charles And Colvard can deliver free for all the products.

7) Return Policy

Charles And Colvard

The Charles and Colvard company as 30 day to return policy for each products. customers have 30 days from the date of delivery to return and any item for full refund exchange or store credit to initiate a return Customers must contact for charles and colvard  customer service and after near return authorization number.

We will provide a free FedEx return shipping label so that you refund process is seamless and easy. Charles and colvard provide to offer a free return for selling on all ring loose diamonds and loss gemstone orders.

Customer made special orders are not returnable shipping and the link is or not refundable and customers are responsible for retaining shipping cost.

True Gem

True Gem company can give a complete details for ordered  details . All return items must be complete unused and original condition in close you are the original packaging original warranty certifications are lab grown Diamond certification and proof of purchase. Must show no sign of use we are abuse for  free return shipping, to use a shipping label that we provide to you.

If we  does not use the shipping label you will be responsible for the own cast a to ship there return please include a copy of your in voice or completed return from with your written so we can properly process for your return order we can responsible for any last or stolen items if you have already initiated your return want like to check the status of your return please visit our return portal.

Once you initiated app item will be written in a company can product in 7 to 10 business days to refund a process can be completed . Once you refund as been procedure you will receive a email confirming that has been issue to you.

Winner: Charles And Colvard is offer for returning some products.

8) Customer Support

Charles And Colvard

The customers can be support for product or service .customers can be contact to support team via email,phone or live chat Charles company is an online jewelry retailer that offers a wide selection of diamond engagement ,wedding bands and other fine jewelry .

They provide detailed information about the products, including diamond grading reports to help customers make informed decisions.

Additionally,they are offers to. Virtual try on service ,where customers can see what a ring would look like on their finger before they purchase it .I have the best experience in Blue Charles and colvard because it has the best customer support.

True Gem

The customers support team can be available to assist customers for any questions or concerns they may have about their products or services customers can contact the support team via email,phone or live chat they are trained to assist customers in finding the perfect piece of jewelry ,as well as answering any questions about the ethical sourcing of diamonds and other precious stones .

They also provide a detailed warranty and return policy. Customers can also request a free ring size and they will ship it to them .overall the true gem is offers excellent customers support to ensure that customers have a positive shopping experience.

Winner: Charles And Colvard wins.

9) Customer Reviews Online

Charles And Colvard

The Charles  company can be received generally positive reviews from the customers . Many customers can be report a positive experience with the company customers service ,that can be representative were helpful and responsible for all the questions for customers .

Some of the customers have a reported delays to receive the orders ,but the company reviews are positive, which I liked a lot which is great to hear. I personally think that it has a good reviews from the customers side.

True Gem

The true gem can be received generally positive reviews from customers care .many customers also report positive experience with the company’s customers service ,noting that representative were helpful and responsive in answering their questions .

Some of the customers have reported delays in receiving their ordered ,but overall the reviews are reviews are positive .the company can be provide a complete details for all the products.

Because the customers are buy the product very easily and returning the products also easily.

Winner: Charles And Colvard is the winner.

10) Warranty

Charles And Colvard

The colvard company is a offer a free lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on a true gem fine jewelry. This warranty does not apply to our collection of estate and vintage jewelry ,since these pieces were note manufactured by true gem .

A jewelry warranty or guarantee usually covers the replacement of damaged or lost some jewelry offer a warranty or guarantee on the diamonds or gemstones are part of the purchase price ,while others may offer it at extra cost.

The warranty of Charles and Colvard is good but not as good as True Gem which is mentioned below.

True Gem

Every forever one created gem is guaranteed to remain as beautiful as the day you bought it and comes with a limited lifetime warranty that protects damage to the stone and any changes in color,clarity or brilliance,fine jewelry is a big investment and often has significant sentiments value for the buyer ..it’s important to choose to buy from a jewelry with a strong warranty  that will product your investment . True gem can give a many more long warranty for each products .

And also give a complete detailed about products warranty .finally true gem company give a 100 per complete details for warranty  in all the products. I personally liked the overall qualities of True Gem.

Winner: Charles And Colvard is the winner.

Overall Winner

Charles & Colvard is a well-known brand that specializes in lab-grown moissanite gemstones. They offer a wide range of cuts, colors, and sizes, and their Forever One moissanite is popular due to its exceptional brilliance and affordability.

True Gem, on the other hand, is a custom jewelry design company that specializes in lab-grown diamonds and moissanite. They offer a range of engagement rings, wedding bands, and other jewelry pieces, all handcrafted to order.

In terms of pricing, Charles & Colvard is generally more affordable than True Gem. Charles & Colvard offers affordable, high-quality moissanite gemstones with a lifetime warranty, while True Gem offers custom jewelry pieces with a focus on lab-grown diamonds. It’s important to consider factors such as pricing, customization options, and customer service when making a decision.

In conclusion, the clear winner between Charles & Colvard and True Gem is Charles & Colvard. It offer high-quality lab-grown gemstones and excellent customer service.


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