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Blue Nile Shipping Times And Policies (2023 Updated)

If you have bought or are about to buy an engagement ring or other items, you might be looking to know how long it takes to ship from Blue Nile. But no matter what, Blue Nile provides free shipping too with fast delivery.

To solve your all queries we are focusing to answer the following:

How Long Does Blue Nile Take To Ship?

In general, it’s been found that Blue Nile takes from 4 to 5 business days from the point of time they receive the order. Thereafter entering it into the system. After these are completed, Blue Nile passes it through the Quality Assurance Department (approximately 24 hours, Monday to Friday).

On the other hand, for returned items, it takes additional 2 to 3 days.

In the mentioned process, the diamond gets matched to the ring setting and the size of the ring setting, so that it can fit properly, hassle-free.

However, keep in mind that this time can vary due to different circumstances like shipping internationally or weather delays. No need to worry, as there are minimum chances of it happening.

At all, they are fully determined to complete the whole process within the expected time.

The timing of orders can be accelerated through shipping upgrades during the checkout process by paying some additional charge.

Where To Find Expected Blue Nile Shipping Time?

Talking about the shipping time, in Blue Nile, it may vary a little from items to items, settings to settings and as per according to the address where it’s going to be shipped and delivered.

But most times it’s found to be the same as displayed on the item screen and on the checkout page too. So you may expect the shipping time as displayed there on the screen.

What’s The Cost Of Shipping In Blue Nile?

You’ll get to see free and fast shipping on all orders that you make on Blue Nile. However, it also depends on the price of whatever item you have ordered or are about to order. Blue Nile shipping works like the following criteria. 

For ground shipping, it’s free for the orders under $500. While for two day shipping, it’s free for the orders ranging from $500 to $1500.

While, the overnight shipping is free for the orders above $1500.

On the other hand, for overnight shipping with Saturday delivery, you can choose it at checkout, by spending on an additional charge. It will appear to choose, only where it’s available.

Where Does Blue Nile Ship From?

Blue Nile has locations scattered throughout the United States, but the most important of them is the Seattle office, which oversees all of their work. So it may be said that it’s like a headquarter within the United States.

On the other hand, if asked about the Blue Nile orders of the countries of Europe, the answer would be that their main working office of Europe is in Ireland which handles their major operations.

What Carrier Does Blue Nile Use For Shipping?

Blue Nile uses a trusted carrier to ship its items to several destinations. In particular, Blue Nile orders ships through FedEx or UPS shipping.

These are reliable which takes responsibility to ship orders within time to the destination. It’s a great experience to get the orders shipped from FedEx or UPS shipping.

Does Blue Nile Ship On Time?

As per reviews and experiences, it’s found that Blue Nile ships the ordered items, by the time it is expected, shown on description and checkout screen, while ordering.

But, of course, in unexpected conditions like that in inappropriate weather, it may vary a little. It’s not in control of anyone’s hands, you know.

Does Blue Nile Ship Internationally?

Yes, Blue Nile ships internationally. In fact, Blue Nile ships in around 40 countries and regions around the world; and can deal with one of the 23 different currencies on Blue Nile website. 

Keep in mind that selection, pricing and styles available may change from one shipping destination to another one across the world.

The shipping destination available from Blue Nile is like the following:

North America

Puerto Rico
United States
Virgin Islands

Europe/Eastern Europe

Czech Republic Hungary
Estonia Italy
United Kingdom

Asia/Asia Pacific

AustraliaHong Kong (SAR)
Macau (SAR)New Zealand
Northern Mariana IslandsTaiwan Region

Middle East

United Arab Emirates (Dubai Only)

Blue Nile Shipping To Canada 

On average, the experience of shipping items from Blue Nile to Canada suggests that it takes from 1 to 8 days to get the item shipped. However, it depends on the province too.

For shipping destinations to Canada, one can pay using any one of the currencies that Blue Nile accepts through orders on its website. Overall, Blue Nile is determined firmly to ship items across the world with complete customer satisfaction.

Blue Nile Shipping To Australia

Talking of Australia, Blue Nile is found to take usually around from 3 to 10 days in absence of unexpected circumstances like due to poor weather. By the way there are very few chances of it happening. 

Blue Nile ships orders to Australia without any defect. Blue Nile gives no chance to customers to complain about shipping from any aspect. It is hundred and one percent safe and secure in shipping across the globe, along with providing the customer ability to pay using one of the different currencies.

Blue Nile Shipping Reviews 

Overall, the most reviews found on different websites like sitejabber.com, trustpilot.com, bluenile.com (itself) etc. are positive and impressive. Blue Nile has maintained its reputation in all criteria like that from quality, shipping, customer service to returns and so on.

However, no doubt there are both positive and critical reviews but Blue Nile has maintained to resolve the critical side through its excellent policies of shipping to returns.

Blue Nile Shipping Delay

There are least, almost equal to zero chances of Blue Nile shipping to get delayed. The shipping of Blue Nile had been delayed only in unexpected and unanticipated circumstances like:

  • Poor weather conditions delaying shipment.
  • International shipping also takes more time as compared to that in the US.

But Blue Nile and its carriers have got firm determination to provide complete satisfaction to their customers in all aspects including the shipping too.

Therefore, there is no need to worry if your order is being delayed or if such things happen in future. Be assured that your order will ship and reach the destination as soon as possible, within time.


It is sure that Blue Nile strives to ensure timely delivery and exceptional customer service to make your shopping experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

But however, the shipping time for Blue Nile can vary depending on several factors, including the item’s availability, shipping method selected, and your location. Typically, Blue Nile offers free FedEx Ground shipping within the United States, which usually takes 5-7 business days to arrive.

If you need your item sooner, Blue Nile also offers expedited shipping options, such as FedEx 2Day and FedEx Overnight, for an additional fee. These options can cut down on shipping time and ensure that your item arrives on time for your special occasion.

Overall, while shipping time may vary based on several factors, Blue Nile and carriers are determined to deliver on time to the destination leaving no stone unturned.

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