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Black Gemstones: List Of Names, Meanings & Pictures (Complete Guide)

In the world of gemstones, there are many different types of gemstones available.

Today we’re highlighting Black gemstones in this article.

This blog post will cover all popular types of Black gemstones. In this blog post, we will explore Black gemstones and their meaning in detail. 

Let’s get started!

List Of Black Gemstones\

1. Obsidian

When lava from a volcano swiftly cools down, a stone known as black obsidian is created. When polished or carved, black obsidian has a glossy sheen. It is a solid black stone in appearance. Around the world, black obsidian is a readily available stone that may be obtained at a reasonable price.

What is the meaning of Obsidian?

Black obsidian is used for decorating as well as making jewelry. Many people hold esoteric beliefs that black gemstones possess both spiritual cleansing and protective qualities.

2. Black Sapphire

Because it is opaque, black sapphire is an extremely dark stone that sticks out. Usually blue and brilliant, sapphires seem to absorb all light, but the black variant stands out. Primarily discovered in Australia, black sapphires are much less costly than their blue counterparts.

What is the meaning of Black Sapphire?

Onyx is frequently mistaken for black sapphires. The black gemstones are less expensive and of lesser quality, despite having a higher hardness, even if they are quite durable. The black gemstones are useful for enhancing intuition, calming down, and dispelling bad energy.

3. Black Diamond

Colorless, yellow, white, blue, gray, pink, orange, red, and black are just a few of the many hues that diamonds can be. Impurities in the structure of all colored diamonds give them their hue. One of the hardest varieties of natural diamond is called carbonado, or black diamond. Amorphous carbon, graphite, and diamond are all parts of its structure.

What is the meaning of a Black Diamond?

Black diamonds are thought to be high frequency gemstones that stand for vigor, action, desire, and strength. Black gemstones were thought to be lucky talismans that might ward off evil during the Middle Ages in Europe.

4. Black Jet

Unlike most black gemstones, which are minerals, jet is a kind of coal as well as a mineraloid. Wood, which was subjected to tremendous pressure, altered in look and properties to become jet. It has a glossy sheen and comes in two shades: brown and black.

What is the meaning of the Black Jet?

Jet was a well-liked black gemstone for jewelry throughout the Roman era, and it became much more well-known under Queen Victoria. Metaphorically, Jet is helpful in trying to kick undesirable habits since it brings luck and insight at difficult times.

5. Black Pearls

Pearls come in all possible shades: ivory, gold, pink, blue, purple, silver, peach, and nearly black (Tahitian Pearls). Certain black pearls that are sold on the market—like freshwater jewels and Akoya varieties—have been colored. Because they originate inside a variety of freshwater and saltwater mollusks as a result of irritation, black pearls are essentially organic gemstones. The overtones of Tahitian black pearls range from silver to peacock, copper, and blue-green.

What is the meaning of the Black Pearls?

Among the most often used jewels in jewelry are pearls. In particular, the black pearl is thought to be an amulet against malevolent intent. Black pearls are thought to symbolize both fertility and love in French Polynesia, the Polynesian culture from where they are derived.

6. Black Jasper

A kind of silica known as jasper is typically found in red, yellow, brown, green, or black hues, with red being the most noticeable. It typically has several colors and interesting patterns.

What is the meaning of the Black Jasper?

Jasper is often used in jewelry as well as in ornamental items like vases and boxes. Black jasper is thought to resonate with the Root Chakra, which stands for security and stability, and is linked to grounding qualities.

7. Black Garnet

Since the Bronze Age, garnet has been utilized as an abrasive stone and as a colored or black gemstone for ornamental uses. There are numerous varieties of garnet, which is a highly sought-after stone. Most of its black gemstones are Pyrope and Andradite varieties.

What is the meaning of Black Garnet?

Since ancient times, black garnet has been utilized for its therapeutic properties. Black gemstones are thought to increase and renew energy, changing depressive feelings to ones of motivation and enthusiasm. Garnet is used widely in jewelry in all of its color variations, but especially in red, because of its higher Mohs scale hardness.

8. Black Spinel

Black spinel is one of the rarest kinds of spinel and is occasionally confused with black tourmaline. Conversely, black spinel is usually of a higher grade. Greek in origin, the word “spinos” means “to sparkle,” a reference to the diamond’s luminosity.

What is the meaning of the Black Spinel?

Like other dark stones, spinel is said to provide protective properties against evil spirits and negative energy. There is a wide variety of black spinel jewelry available.

9. Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline comes in a wide range of colors, from pink to green, blue, and black, depending on its composition. The more intense the shade, the more valuable the stone is. The word “Turmali,” which in Sinhala refers to a gemstone with a variety of colors, is where the gem’s name originates. Because of this, stories have emerged portraying the gem as a “rainbow.”

What is the meaning of the Black Tourmaline?

A stunning jewelry material is tourmaline. In addition to being defensive, black tourmaline is an energy magnet that draws kindness and understanding.

10. Black Zircon

Sometimes, people confuse real gemstones like black zircon for fake, less costly cubic zirconia. The gem comes in every hue under the sun, including black, although clear stones are the most in demand due to their resemblance to diamonds.

What is the meaning of the Black Zircon?

Iron oxide impurities give black zircon its colors. While readily available, black zircon jewelry is frequently fragile. Many people think that because black zircon provides balance and releases blocked energies, black zircon jewelry is an excellent amulet for meditation.


That brings an end to our list of the most well-liked black jewels. Black gemstones are especially beautiful, yet there are many other kinds of gemstones available, each unique in their own right. Sour, deep, and melancholic. Strange and mysterious. shining. Stones with black color are incredibly rich. It is understandable why dark stones have been treasured for thousands of years—their alluring beauty, classic appeal, and protecting abilities. Undoubtedly, their distinct magnificence and mysterious allure are admirable.

Are you an enthusiast for jewelry set with black stones? Which black gem from the above list, if any, is your top pick? Comment below with your opinions and which are your favorites!


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