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Best (& Worst) Time To Buy Engagement Rings [2023 Updated]

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Best Time To Buy Engagement Rings

When Should You Buy an Engagement Ring?

While there is no such thing as a “one magical moment” to buy a ring, there are benefits to purchasing during particular seasons and during holiday promotions.

When there is increased demand, such as during the Christmas season from November to February, shoppers frequently anticipate that prices would rise, but this is not the case.

Diamond sellers are eager to attract customers, therefore they provide discounts to get them to pick them.

Before you do anything else, make sure you get your ring from a trusted dealer to ensure you’re receiving a good deal. Blue Nile, James Allen, and Brian Gavin Diamonds come highly recommended.

These are reputable sellers that provide good value for high-quality diamonds and settings. All of these dealers’ diamonds are accompanied by an AGS certificate.

Reputable sellers, on the other hand, may provide small discounts or seasonal specials. You might be able to save a few percent on your purchase if you shop during the deals. The optimum times to buy a diamond ring are outlined here.

Buying an Engagement Ring Between Black Friday and Christmas

Between Black Friday and Christmas, the rest of the retail world goes on sale, so it’s only reasonable to believe that’s also the perfect time to buy an engagement ring.

During the weeks leading up to proposal season, jewelers frequently compete for customers by giving incentives like as free settings or percentage discounts ranging from 10% to 50% off rings.

While these bargains are tempting, there are three things to keep in mind if you plan to buy during this period.

For starters, you’re up against other customers who may be interested in the same diamond as you.

For high-quality diamonds at a reasonable price, turnover can be swift. It’s natural to fall in love with a diamond and then think about it for a few days before making a decision. This might easily lead to someone else snatching the diamond and returning you to square one.

The second problem is exacerbated if you place your buy online. You should have your ring well in advance of your proposal, since after you see it in person, you may decide on a different shape or design.

Though you should be confident in your purchase before committing, you should wait a few weeks between your purchase and the proposal to allow for any necessary alterations or returns.

If you’re planning a Christmas or New Year’s proposal, waiting until Black Friday or later to purchase a ring bears the risk of the deal not being worth it.

Finally, when you see a 50% off promotional deal, it virtually never refers to genuine engagement ring diamonds.

Other forms of jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, and settings, are excluded from the reductions.

When you see a 50% discount and assume it means you’ll save $3,000 on a $6,000 ring, it’s usually always too good to be true.

This isn’t to say that getting an engagement ring around the holidays is a bad idea; it just means you should be aware of the drawbacks so you don’t end up disappointed.

Buying an Engagement Ring Between Christmas and Valentine’s Day

If you buy an engagement ring between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, you’ll be competing with other shoppers who are planning to propose on February 14, one of the most popular days of the year.

It’s comparable to when people shop between Black Friday and Christmas.

There’s a chance you’ll get a discount or a free setting, but there’s also the issue of frequent turnover.

The majority of the promotions you’ll notice will revolve on Valentine’s Day.

Buying an Engagement Ring During the Spring

Because the most common times to propose are during the winter, spring and summer are considered off seasons for purchasing engagement rings. That isn’t to say that now isn’t a good time to buy an engagement ring.

You’ll discover reduced turnover for popular diamonds and an off-season discount on a setting or other related jewelry, just like in the early fall months.

Although shopping clearance for an engagement ring may not sound romantic, if you’re on a limited budget, these solutions may be worth considering. 

Simply double-check that the ring and diamond are still of good quality; as we’ll see, real quality diamonds seldom go on sale.

Worst time to buy engagement rings

Diamonds at steep discounts should be avoided. During the Christmas season, it’s not uncommon to see commercials selling jewelry with discounts of 50% or more. While these tempting offers may make you think about the hundreds of dollars you could save and the larger diamond you could have, you should avoid them for an engagement ring.

The sort of high-quality diamonds most people select for an engagement ring aren’t the ones that are frequently on sale. That’s because, in terms of the diamond’s longevity, the shops aren’t in a rush to get rid of them. They’ll still be in terrific form in the future.


It’s natural to ask when the best moment is to buy an engagement ring because it’s one of the most costly purchases you’ll ever make.

Although you may be able to save hundreds of dollars on a setting or negotiate a somewhat lower price on a diamond, this is not the kind of purchase on which you should wait for a large reduction.

Instead, the greatest method to save money on an engagement ring is to learn more about diamonds and the elements that influence their price.

After that, you may determine which qualities are most essential to you and begin comparing diamonds from other merchants.

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