Top 5 Best Place To Buy Blue Diamonds Online (2023 Review)

Looking for the Best Place To Buy Blue Diamonds online ?

In this article I will tell you the top places to buy Blue Diamonds online.

I worked hard for the research of this article. Because I don’t want you to waste your money buying Blue Diamonds from the wrong place.

I have prepared this list after asking from persons who had actually bought Diamonds online and collected their feedback.

I am confident that, after reading this, you will have the information you need to make the right choice for you.

My stores picks are based on their product warranty, features, durability and brand popularity below.

I have also written their benefits and drawbacks to help you in making right purchase.

Let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Places To Buy Blue Diamonds Online

1. Blue Nile

Blue Nile has won the first position today. I have placed Blue Nile at the top of this guide because Blue Nile has the largest collection of Natural Diamonds.

They have about 25 loose blue diamonds but half of them point .5 carats at least.

All the diamonds you will see in Blue Nile, no matter what it is, are all GIA certified which is a must to buy diamonds. Apart from this, I would like to point out that all of them are untreated which takes their price to a high level.

The cheapest Blue Diamond in Blue Nile is Jogi 0.27 carat marquise, Blue Diamond with a cost of around $57000. It is quite expensive, then imagine how rare it will be and the cost of the one which is the most expensive present in Blue Nile, its cost is around 370000 dollars.

Blue Nile has its part for colored lab diamond jewelry that has blue diamonds in it. Apart from this, if I tell that under the lightbox jewelry section, you will see different types of options like necklace, earrings, bracelet and rings which is lab created blue diamond. I would like to tell you that these ones are cheaper than natural blue diamonds.

The problem I encountered while buying a new diamond from Blue Line is that they do not provide any warranty with the ring setting, they have a manufacturer warranty but they only address the design flaws within it.

Suppose you had bought Blue Diamond from your Blue Nile, then you can get it returned within 30 days under the return policy. They offer 24 by 7 customer service to answer any question or other query you may have.

Routine maintenance like rhodium playing white gold will cost you. But let me tell you you get one ring sizing for free.

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2. Brilliant Earth

Not many people even know that Brilliant Earth also sell colored diamonds. They also have a separate section for natural blue diamonds. But let me tell you that most of the time you will not get to see any gemstone. They definitely has 60 lab created blue diamonds.

I conclude that they have the best range of blue shades in comparison to the rest of the Diamond sellers. You can buy different Blue Sapphire as per your choice. You can watch their 360-degree video which gives you a chance to see your diamond from every angle leaving no doubts in mind.

They will give you a Life Time Manufacturing Warranty. The defect in your blue diamond ring must be a defect from the craftsmanship. They will charge you for a fee of $ 50, they will charge you this fee in the name of checking whether there are any defects in it.

If any defect is found then your money will be refunded to you. Also they will either be used for repair or for your shipping. Therefore, make sure that there is a defect in your diamond, if you do not have the money to repair it.

If you want your routine maintenance to be covered by the warranty, then you will have to get an extended service plan from Brilliant Earth, for which you will have to pay. Let me tell you that the routine maintenance of your diamond will be covered for 3 years under this plan.

3. Clean Origin

Clean Origin is not a popular online diamond retailer. Because the reason for this is that they sell only lab grown diamond jewelry.

I am telling that you won’t find a single natural diamond in Clean Origin’s stock, even if one goes for their fine jewelry collection. These are available in both colorless and fancy colored lab diamonds.

But it is much easier to make blue diamonds in a lab than to expect them to grow. You will get to see that the selection is quite big. I found that they have a range of around 60 blue diamonds. Most of them you will get to see in Deep Blue or Completely Saturated Color, while some Light Blue will also be seen in their stock.

Clean Origin has a variety of features to check out including Lab Diamonds v30 and Diamond Scan. But this is for her fancy color diamonds. In some diamonds, you will get to see the 360-degree feature, in some you will not. In such a situation, one can say that they do not have real relevancy.

4. James Allen

It is quite surprising that James Allen is at such a low position because it usually tops every guide but I put James Allen in this position mainly because they have a small collection of blue diamonds.

At this point in time, they have 10 natural blue diamonds and half of them more than 1/2 carats.

James Allen himself has his share of loose diamonds marked for a fancy color diamond. It also shows a part which has lab created fancy color diamonds present but only yellow diamonds you will see at this point of time.

They also keep a part of them for natural blue diamonds, but at the moment it has only a small number of blue diamonds. The bottom part of the price starts from $7300 and reaches $400,000.

As I found out that James Allen’s blue diamonds are untreated and come with a grading report which they gets by GIA.

When searching for James Allen, the area automatically sets whether Blue Diamond should be Fancy, Fancy Intense or Fancy Vivid. You will get to see only 4 parts in these tones.

I also found that if you’re buying a blue diamond from James Allen for $30,000 or more, they’ll give you a free ring setting with a value of up to $1,500, or $1,500 instead of the more expensive setting you have selected.

Lastly, I would like to mention that they get a lifetime free warranty. The warranty covers routine maintenance of diamond jewelry with rhodium plating white gold, tightening stones and jewelry steam cleaning.

You’ll have to pay $35 more to have it shipped for free shipping. Apart from this, you can also send it to Jared repair shop, they will also allow you to do a free ring sizing for all engagement and wedding rings.

5. Shane Co

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