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About Us

This is a resource from the experienced jeweler, Chirag Soni. He has been involved in this industry since he was young and knows what it takes to be an expert in this field.

A family-owned business that’s been operating for decades can help you find your way back into traditional pieces or modern cuts with elegance no matter how much time passes since your last shopping trip.

The right piece of jewelry is more than quality craftsmanship and design. It’s a direct extension to your uniqueness, like an accessory that pulls together all the features you want people to see when they look at yourself or what makes them feel confident about themselves.

I have purchased some diamond jewelry and observed that I have been cheated while purchasing and came to the conclusion that if I have been cheated in the same way other customers are also cheated and swindled by jewelry sellers. 

To solve this problem I created Study Jewelry. 

Study Jewelry Mission

Study Jewelry.com is the place for you to learn insider tips and tricks when it comes to buying high quality diamonds and jewelry without getting scammed or wasting your money Online.

Study Jewelry was created by jewelry lovers who were frustrated about the low quality diamond and jewelry found online.

This website is related to the information of all types of jewelry. This website has been running since 2015, which has contributed greatly to the online jewelry industry.

On our website you will find a Comprehensive Guide which you will be able to easily shop for Gemstones, Diamonds, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings.

We cover quite a variety of topics including Diamond Engagement Ring, Jewelry and Fashion. Whatever information you will find on our website, it is from the industry. Experts and much researched content will be provided on our website.

The only commitment is that we provide you with original and good research articles. We update our website from time to time So, that you will get the latest and new information.

Why Study Jewelry Created?

We all want to buy high quality jewelry without being cheated, but many of us don’t know how. StudyJewelry will teach you insider tips and tricks so that your purchase is guaranteed not only safe but also affordable.

The jewelry industry is a cutthroat place where high-commissioned sales people lurk, looking to take your money and run.

We are committed to providing original, well-researched articles on a range of topics that will keep with the trends. We update our site regularly in order for it to be relevant and up-to-date.

We want to provide accurate information that helps people get their dream diamonds at a competitive price, and we do this by reviewing retailers’ products thoroughly so you can make an informed decision on which company values most apply best for your needs. 

The StudyJewelry Team

What Study Jewelry.com Is All About

You’ve probably wondered at one point or another if the features you are looking for in a diamond ring actually matter.

What is worth paying more money for and what can be skipped?

The StudyJewelry.com will guide you through this confusing journey with their helpful tips, tricks, and reviews of today’s best jewelry designs!

The Study Jewelry was launched in October 2013. The Folly is the place for fashion lovers and brides wanting something that is a little bit different to find reviews, guides and information about Jewelry.

The jewelry industry is rife with conniving sales people just looking to make a quick buck. What REALLY matters when it comes to diamonds and jewelry?

You’ve got the cut, color, clarity, carat weight etc., but what else can you find in some of these designer rings that are worth paying for or not even noticing at all?

What features of a diamond ring should be bought new as opposed to used on eBay auctions like pre-owned items from Tiffany & Co.?

How The Study Jewelry.com Can Help You

Why trust a jeweler when they could be biased? For the most objective and unbiased advice, head to Study Jewelry.com!

This blog is where you can get insider secrets from industry veterans who are Demonologists or diamond experts with years of experience in this field.

They offer no fluff here just insanely actionable pieces that will save your money while still keeping you satisfied as well as being educated about what’s best for yourself on these purchases

You’ve heard it before, you won’t get an honest opinion from a jeweler. Not because they are dishonest but rather all commissioned and will push for the features that earn them more money.

That is why Study Jewelry has come to your rescue with insider secrets from diamond industry veterans who have certified degrees in diamontology-no fluff or high-level advice here just insanely actionable tips so you can save on diamonds!


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